25 October 2015

Full Council Meeting: October 26th 2015

Items on the Agenda include;

  • Selection panel for the Australia Day Awards; This motion calls for nominations from Councillors to select the most deserving candidates
  • Naming the lane between Millswood Cres and the Cromer Pde; The Council proposes to name the lane Sasmee Lane. This name was suggested by SASMEE as many people find the model railway difficult to find.
  • Hard Waste Processing Contract;  The contractor has found a way to reduce the cost to Council through environmental initiatives
  • Disposal of Land in Dover St, Highgate; This is a small section of land parallel with West Tce. In my opinion it is large enough to be landscaped and many residents (although not the majority) of residents who responded to the consultation agree with me. In my opinion it costs too much to buy land back and we should consider every bit we own as a precious community resource
  • Finance Report; These paint Council in a very good light. If you're into drilled down facts and figures you will find them at (here)
  • 2014-15 Financial Statements; as above
  • Annual Report 2014-15; makes some interesting reading and puts a slightly more glossy view on the facts and figures
  • Review of Car Parking Policies;
  • Whistleblowers Protection Policy;

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