12 October 2015


The LG has strayed a campaign to keep planning in the hands of local government. Thought you would find this interesting. Your comments sure welcome, should we let it go or fight to keep planning powers for the things that matter?

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With an integral role in the State’s current Planning and Development processes, Councils know that South Australia deserves a better planning system. But the State Government has progressed reforms that remove many local roles  which Councils believe will leave communities high and dry - with no voice and no choice about issues which affect them.
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Keep planning Local Have your say Video

We need a more accessible, integrated and accountable system, one which supports jobs through appropriate development and gives developers and the community more certainty about outcomes. However this does not need to be at the expense of local input.  A charter which outlines opportunities for community engagement is a great idea, but not if there are less opportunities for participation.
public survey backs these views.
If you want to understand more about the changes, find our summary here: LGA Planning Reform Consultation Paper September 2015(354 kb)   or click here to find out more about Planning Reform
The LGA is working to finalise a comprehensive submission to the Minister/Parliament after assessing extensive consultation with Councils and the public survey information. It will be available here soon. Click here for more on this campaign.
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