03 October 2015

Councils squeezed out of planning

New legislation already tabled in parliament is going to effect planning rules as we know them and most people will not be very happy about the loss of this section from local government for all but the most mundane development . We do know that;
  • Elected Members will be prohibited from sitting on panels assessing development applications;
  • Overall reduced role for Councils in planning and development;
  • Fewer activities will require planning approval and Councils will have reduced revenue from development applications;
  • Councils face increased costs through having to contribute to State programs (such as the new Planning Portal);
  • Councils will be encouraged to amalgamate their planning functions with other Councils in their region;
  • Council “Development Plans” will be phased out and replaced with a new “Planning & Design Code” with more standardised provisions;
  • Fewer avenues for residents to comment on or challenge inappropriate developments. ( thanks to Geens, Mark Parnell for this summary)

If you are interested you can  attend a public meeting convened by the Community Alliance on Wednesday 21st October, 7pm, at the Burnside Town Hall. Click here to download the flyer for more information.

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