17 September 2017

A little something for everyone: Events Calendar

Events Calendar
Our annual events calendar fridge magnet is ready for printing and will be distributed with the rates notices in mid-October. Council Events
Celebrate Goodwood Alive
This event will be held on Sunday 22 October from 10am to 2pm, to celebrate the partnership between City of Unley, DPTI, SA Power Networks, PLEC (Power Line Environment Committee) and to launch the new Goodwood Road streetscape. 
 Zest Fest (formerly known as Every Generation Festival)
This year our Zest Fest event will feature a celebration for the 50th birthday of the Unley Community Centre.  A “High Tea” event will be held on Wednesday 25 October from 3pm to 6pm
Ignite Unley
Our much loved Ignite Unley cinema event will return for its fourth season, with a Christmas event/outdoor cinema to be held on Friday 8 December. 
Double Shot Coffee Fiesta
The 2017 Double Shot Coffee Fiesta is set to return bigger and better than ever before after an 18 month hiatus. The event has moved to a more coffee-friendly time of year and the date is set for Sunday 5 November at the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens.  
Unley Gourmet Gala
The Unley Gourmet Gala will be held on Tuesday 16 January with the Stage 2 Start of the Santos Tour Down Under being held on Wednesday 17 January 2018.

Community Events - What’s Ahead……..

Fork on the Road – Sunday 24 September
Orphanage Park, 11am to 4pm
A food, wine and beer event bringing together food trucks, entertainment, musicians and craft beer and wine.
 Mercedes-Benz Unley Long Lunch (formerly Variety on King William) – Friday 13 October
King William Rd, 12pm to 4pm
A showcase of fashion and King William Road Traders as part of the annual Adelaide Fashion Festival.
 Deepavali Carnival 2017 – Festival of Lights – Saturday 14 October
Adelaide Showgrounds, 1pm to 10pm
Family friendly showcase of multicultural performances, culture, vegetarian food and entertainment.
 Clarence Park Kindy Verandah Vibes – Sunday 22 October
Clarence Park Kindergarten, 11am to 3pm
Music and entertainment event held at the Kindergarten for families and the community to attend.
 Halloween on KWR – Saturday 28 October
King William Rd, 10am to 2pm
Family event for children to dress up and trick or treat along King William Road and enjoy the entertainment in Bloomsbury Street.
 French Market – Friday 24 (5pm to 10pm) & Saturday 25 (10am – 10pm) November
Soldiers Memorial Gardens
A French Market event showcasing local French exhibitors selling traditional French wine, cheese, pastries, jewellery and handicrafts. The event also includes live music and children's activities.
 ETSY Made Local – Saturday 25 November
Oxford Terrace, 10am to 4pm
A giftware market celebrating SA handmade, locally designed products and vintage wares. Products include art, crafts, fashion, furniture, homewares, vintage items and clothes.


Book Noooks for a good read.

Book Nook Launch
Book Nooks
New little free libraries for our community

You are invited to join us in celebrating the launch of our new Book Nooks. These charming little libraries will be placed in strategic spots throughout the City of Unley, enabling the sharing of books amongst our community. Each Book Nook has been lovingly painted by renowned children's illustrator, Donna Gynell. At the launch there will be storytelling with our children's team and giant games to play - a great family morning out. The launch is Wed 27th Sept at 11am.

12 September 2017

Mayor takes leave

I wasn't shocked when I read in yesterday's paper that Mayor, Lachlan Clyne, would take immediate leave from his position. However, I was disappointed that we, as Councillors, were not told first. He had told us that he would take leave from October until January and that he would then resign. This leaves the current Deputy Mayor, Don Palmer as Acting Mayor until January. I need to seek clarification from the CEO as to exactly how he intends for the vacant Mayoral position in January will be filled. It is certainly true that the position of Mayor and candidate for Badcoe were increasingly coming into conflict with one another. Whether he has served the City well only history will really tell. I certainly know how I feel about it but not won't say here at this time.

09 September 2017

Goodwood Oval Residents Group

I attended the recent meeting of this group last Wednesday. It is refreshing to see that Tennis World seems to have moved in seamlessly. The new staff, while temporary, are enthusiastic and the permanent positions are being filled. These people will have an opportunity to become part of the community and enjoy the generous nature of the residents. Other matters discussed included the upgrading of the Grandstand and the options that are currently on the table. The preferred $4 million option would either be a complete refurbishment (if structurally sound) or bull doze and rebuild. My suggestion was that a bulldoze would also raise the question as to whether the current location is the best available or should other sites be considered?

03 September 2017

Update on the City of Unley’s Waste Management initiatives..

 for the disposal & recycling of waste items for residents of Unley
1.   Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Green Industries SA (GISA), formerly Zero Waste, currently fund for a facility for householders and farmers to dispose of their hazardous wastes.  This facility, located at Dry Creek, has limited operating times and this, with the distance of travel, may dissuade our residents from disposing of their household hazardous waste appropriately. 
To assist our residents for the safe disposal of household hazardous chemicals, we are proposing a 12month trial for offering a service for the collection and safe disposal of this waste from their home at no cost to the resident.
Toxfree, is one of Australia’s leading environmental, waste management, health care and industrial services provider for the removal of hazardous and specialised waste.  Toxfree are equipped with specialised vehicles and suitably trained staff to safely collect household hazardous chemicals from our residents’ homes.
Residents will need to book for this service on-line via our website.  Bookings are strictly limited to a maximum of 15 x Collections each month and will be scheduled to occur on the 4th Thursday of each month.  Once filled, the next available collection date will be offered.
Residents will be required to complete a Chemical Manifest Form to record the items proposed for collection, including terms & conditions and agreement to allow Toxfree staff to enter their property to collect items stored within a provided identifiable container.
2.   Drop off of E-waste (electrical appliances)

To help improve our recycling of electrical items, the City of Unley has joined with Electronic Recycling Australia in providing 3 convenient locations for residents to drop off unwanted electrical items. These FREE Unplug n’ Drop cages accept small electronic and electrical goods that plugs into a power point, uses a charger or is powered by a battery.
Electronic Recycling Australia can deliver not just better environmental outcomes, but better community and social outcomes too. Their successful electronic and electrical recycling operation is an initiative of Minda providing services to people living with a disability through sustainable employment and enriches their lives through greater community participation and contribution.
Fullarton Park Community Centre
411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton. Outside – access from Fullarton Road carpark, and is available 24/7.
Unley Works Depot
75 King William Road, Unley. Inside the Depot site, and is only available Mon-Fri 8am-4pm.

Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Avenue, Clarence Park. Outside – access from Canterbury Terrace carpark, and is available 24/7.
3.  Drop off for other Tricky Wastes
Residents of the City of Unley can drop off small quantities of engine oil, batteries, fluoros, globes and mobile phones at the Works Depot, 75 King William Road, Unley. (Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm). 
Our Civic Centre and Community Centres also accept small batteries and mobile phones.

4.  Kitchen Caddy & Rolls of Compostable liners – available from more locations
Residents will soon be able to purchase Kitchen Caddys and rolls of compostable liners, including dog bags from our Libraries, Community Centres and Works Depot, making it easier for collection and in turn, more use of the correct bag that can be placed into kerbside organics bins.

Women in Local Government and under-represented groups project

 Here someting for me to get involved in! Unley Councillors recently agreed to participate in whatever this working party came up with and do nothing in particular that shows Unley initiate. I think this is because Unley is well represented by women and other under-repreesented groups! Clearly their mathematics is poorly as 1:12  is not 50%!!!

At the 2016 LGASA Annual General Meeting, a resolution was passed for the LGA to undertake a project to increase representation of women on councils, with the 2018 elections providing the next significant opportunity for change.
The other under-represented in local government are:
  • Aboriginal people
  • People from Culturally And Linguistically Diverse backgrounds - CALD groups
  • People with disabilities; and
  • Youth
and women make up 50 percent of these groups as well.
The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of what is required to effectively promote inclusive representation in LG elections. 
As part of this project we are asking councils to share with us any measures they currently take, or plan to take in the lead up to the 2018 council elections, to ensure inclusive representation.
Within the next week or so you will be:
  • asked to complete a short survey to help us gather information to understand inclusive representation from your councils perspective; and
  • advised of opportunities to provide further input to this project

Full Council meeting August 28th, 2017

The following items may be of interest:

  •  A further petition regarding Leicester Street park and dogs off leash
  • A further call to reduce the extent of Parking Controls in Goodwood
  • 2017/18 Community Event Sponsoring: this saw many worthwhile initiatives and some ongoing funding for events that are already up and running but need some monetary and/or in-kind support
  • Council Assessment Panel: this has been debated in the parliament and the Panel will continue to exist at Council level but with only one elected member. When you lodge a Development Application from Oct it will be assessed by the new, five member panel. The Minister is hoping this will result in fewer refusals, even though there have been hardly any, and more trees chopped down. Rufus Salaman will be the Council rep and I will stand in as his proxy.
  • Greening Verges: A great response from residents meant that the renewal (dolomite to loam) program was over prescribed. Council will add the extra dollars so that all applicants will be able to enjoy the benefits of a green verge. Each resident must plant, water and maintain their new verge at their own expense.
  • Integrated Transport Proposal; this has been a while coming and gives direction for the future. It does not dig deep to the day to day stuff.
  • Calls for members to nominate for various LGA representatives, including the Cat and Dog Management Board, The Local Government Finance Authority.
  • The adoption of the City of Unley Community Plan 2033 including a four year delivery plan: this has taken a lot of work and is generally satisfactory. However, some of the language used, in my opinion, is pompous and unnecessary. It was passed without my support
  • Motion from Cr Salaman asking that Council write to John Rau and tell him how much residents and Council dislike his Spot Rezoning. On my suggestion we will also try to meet with him to tell him what we really think

27 August 2017

Planning: whatever happened to consultation?

Is this what we really want?
I attended a forum on Wednesday evening around engagement hosted by the LGA and DPTI. the paper presented on consultation really had it all and there is little need to change anything. However, what is actually happening regarding consultation does not reflect the well thought out plans.
In the recent Ministerial DPA the Minister, John Rau, has identified sites he thinks are project ready on the main transport corridors. Some of these are in Unley and residents have been given an opportunity to have their say. And this they have done. At least half the representations received were concerning only one site and this is in Unley. The problem is that there are other sites that their owners think are also project ready but Mr Rau did not include them in the DPA. But he has allowed these sites to make submissions for inclusion. What next, it a truly consultative manner he would ensure that these sights, if suitable, are included in a further list of properties and not in this one. However, he has failed to give any surety to residents that this will be the case. This asks the questions;
How were the original sites selected? 
How will future sites be selected? 
What’s wrong with allowing Councils to continue to write their own DPAs and to consult with their residents directly? 

Why allow Councils to spend working time on producing a document that Mr Rau agreed on and then change the rules to suit yourself?

Your vote is needed1

The Unley Gourmet Gala is in the running to win the RAA People’s Choice SA Tourism Award!

Please take 2 minutes to vote for this to help the Gala win this award. You’ll also be entered automatically in a draw to WIN 1 of 3 fantastic prizes.

Vote for the Unley Gourmet Gala at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7VTKJK8

We have posted about this on our facebook page too. Please help us to spread the word and like and share our post with your friends and family.

This is our year!!!!!!

19 August 2017

Ward Briefing17th August, 2017

  • Canterbury Tce/East Ave: these works are now completed
  • Forest Ave , near Black Forest PS: DPTI will investigate safety improvements through the school Way To Go program.
  • Grey St Access/Parking: the results of the recent survey are inconclusive. Council will still need to make a decision to do nothing or introduce 4 hour parking.
  • Tennis SA: Tennis World has now take over management of the facility.
  • Goodwood Oval: following the failure to gain additional funding to immediately update the facility there have been further discussions. Council will commission a report into the suitability of the grandstand for upgrading from and engineering/cost perspective. It may be cheaper to build a new facility. It seems politicians on both sides have made some promises.
  • Lights at Millswood Croquet: these are now in the process of being installed. I understand the old lights may be seen again as SASMEE Park
  • Goodwood Oval (NW corner): there was some money put in the budget to upgrade this area. My suggestion was to investigate some Nature Play activities.
  • Black Forest PS Reserve; a new joint use Agreement has been drawn up but is yet to be looked at by Councillors. However, there have been suggestions in upgrading the cricket nets and adding toilets to the area. It is my understanding that there are toilets in the small building on the southern side, these may be able to upgraded.

Fund My Community

Fund My Neighbourhood is a $40 million participatory budgeting program that gives South Australians the power to nominate and vote for projects to improve their neighbourhoods.

You can have a look at the website here.

Council is investigating what effects this initiatative may have on funding as the State Government usually requires a 50% contribution from Council. Nevertheless, if you havea good idea you've nothing to loose by having a go.

A selfish act

 Monday night I witnessed the most selfish act that I have ever seen while a member of Council. As the Mayor declared a conflict of interest (as he rightly should given that he has been preselected to represent the Liberal Party at the March 2018 election and the Item was in his nominated electorate, Badcoe) and the Deputy mayor then took the chair. However, given that the ward he represents is also in Badcoe, the Item to be debated was in Clarence Park Ward. I had discussed the Item earlier in the evening with the Dept Mayor and asked that I could move the relevant motion. But as the Item was read out and I indicated that I wished to Move the Motion he blatantly moved the motion from the chair thus denying me my right to have the initial voice on the important decision that effected the constituents that I represent. To add salt to the insult he then claimed he had a mandate to do so as he had worked so hard on the matter that was to be debated, as if my significant contribution amounted to nothing. 
I have done a little research and asked 'Can a mayor move a motion while chairing a meeting?' The answer is as follows;

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that a wise chair will only move certain motions from the chair.
The only motions a president or person in the chair should move are motions of congratulations or motions of condolence or motions of thanks. These are nearly always “carried by acclamation” with the obvious exception of the motion of condolence. These are often carried without a seconder.
Inexperienced or “power chairs” sometimes move all sorts of motions and in so doing demonstrate their lack of understanding of their role.

15 August 2017

Full Council meeting 14th August, 2017

Items on the agenda included:

  • Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns improvement: when setting the budget several items were identified and budgeted for in this precinct. These include an update of the change room facilities under the grandstand to be attractive to women's football. This was linked to state government funding that, as yet, Council has not managed to achieve. Improved lighting at the Goodwood tennis courts, design work for upgrading the croquet clubrooms and detailed design of the facilities for Goodwood Saints and cricket was also included. PASSED but not without a stunning rebuff from my co-councillor.
  • New member for the City Strategy committee: the position that is vacant due to a resignation will be advertised and filled ASAP. PASSED
  • Parking restrictions in Devon St North and Essex St South: residents of these two streets have asked that the current 4 hour parking controls be lifted. In Devon St in their entirety and in Essex St on one side of the street only. (PASSED)
  • New KPI's for the CEO; these include 10 key things that Council would like to see the CEO get done in 2017/18 as a priority. It includes $400,000 of savings.
  •  Shared working space (CONFIDENTIAL)

06 August 2017

Butts into better things

The City of Melbourne is showing initiative in recycling cigarette butts into plastic products. This is another initiative to reduce landfill waste in the City of Melbourne. They estimate that  over 10,000 butts are dumped on the streets everyday. (9 million in  a year) the pollute the streets and the streams that stormwater washes into. Butts are commonly mistaken for food by marine life and have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, sea turtles and other marine creatures. The full story can be read at http://www.governmentnews.com.au/2017/07/we-want-your-butt/.. Sounds like a good idea for South Australia!

Welcome mats in Goodwood

Council has now nearly completed the  upgrading on the Goodwood Rd shopping precinct and it certainly is looking look. I note that there are few, if any, vacant shops which is also a good sign. The special asphalt features at the intersections of Rosa, Florence, Lily, Gilbert, Surrey and Victoria streets are now being installed. Artist, Ellen Schlobohm, who is Fullarton based has been inspired different aspets of the Goodwood Community has been responsible for the designs. When I get a chnce today I'll take some photos and add them to this blog.

Survey: Children's programs at the library

Survey - YourSay
Unley libraries  are currently reviewing their Children's Programs to ensure they are meeting the needs of  families and to bring you even better programs in the future!

Unley Libraries currently runs:
Storytime at Unley Library every Tuesday 10.30-11.30 am
Storytime at Goodwood Library every Thursday 10.30-11.30 am
Babytime at alternate venues every Friday 10.30-11.00 am and 11.30-12.00 noon

We rely on your feedback in order to make our programs the best they can be so we would appreciate your feedback on this matter. 
Please take a few moments to complete this short survey here.

26 July 2017

Goodwood Subway solutions

Just when l thought that delivering a solution to the ugliness of the Goodwood Subway Underpass had been forgotten it seems that bipartisan support has been given to ask for ideas of what could make it look better. Both Step Key and David Pisoni are onside. Consultation has commenced to get ideas from the public. I hope on this one there won't be any objections. I note that Mitcham Council passed a motion to ask the state government to put the proposed tram line down Goodwood Rd rather than Unley Rd. This might cause more than a little congestion in the same subway. The details are on a notice board on the walkway.

Fright train noise solutions


This link will take you to an article about train noise solutions in the Hunter Valley. Installed by ARTC at the request of residents living near a freight line with an increased frequency of service. Hebel acoustic bricks have supplied a solution. I can think of a few locations in Unley where they would be welcomed.

19 July 2017

Leader St Streetscape is now complete.

Leader Street Streetscape Project is completed. Outside Ideas were granted practical completion in late June. There are still some minor defects to be fixed which is currently taking place. A small amount of asphalt works at the railway line is booked in for early August to coincide with a rail shutdown planned by DPTI (there are special requirements when working near a rail corridor). 
Some of the ongoing environmental benefits that this project will deliver for the city:
  • The raingardens along the street are designed to filter stormwater to remove pollutants that would otherwise enter our creeks and the ocean. The raingardens will filter approximately five Million Litres of stormwater a year. That’s two Olympic sized swimming pools of water per year.
  • The new permeable footpaths have approximately 110 Thousand Litres of storage capacity. The water that falls onto the footpath will be soaked into the soil below, providing additional water for trees and vegetation in the street.


18 July 2017

New parklet locations on King William Rd

KWR Parklets
The successful submissions have been confirmed The Pot and Melt Pizzeria at 1&2/160 King William Road Hyde Park, and Robbies Chop Shop at 149 King William Road Unley.
The Parklets were relocated last week. While they are near the locations that have been the new sites will be better able to incorporate outdoor dining and coffee. The loss of parking will not change. The vibrancy that the existing footpaths extensions, at Cotto and Nutrition Republic, i has brought is very pleasing. This will kick start the final planing for KWR refurbishment.

Green your verge!

Unley residents and organisations are invited to apply for a Greening Verges Incentive to assist in greening their verge (nature strip). 
For a limited number of successful applicants, Council will remove existing dolomite and replace with 100mm depth of soil at no cost, leaving the verges ready for planting.
Please note that residents must agree to source and pay costs associated with plants, planting the verge and ongoing maintenance.

Applications are available onlineApplications close on Monday 31 July, but don't delay as spots will be allocated on a ‘first qualified in, first served’ basis. 

Council encourages residents to take ownership of their verge areas as this enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of residences throughout the City.
In addition to extra greenery, landscaping a verge contributes in many positive ways by:
  • providing a healthier environment for street trees
  • softening the effect of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • improving air quality
  • working at natural air conditioners through moisture in leaves
  • reducing stormwater run-off, and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like bees and butterflies.
Need Some Verge Garden Inspiration?
Our new display verges at Edmund Avenue showcase a variety of plants and treatments that you could use to transform your verge into an attractive garden feature. Take a stroll down Edmund Avenue, Unley and be inspired by contemporary, cottage, natural and formal layout examples, including different path ideas. All displays meet the guidelines of safe plant choices and low plant heights to ensure good sight lines for road users. A matching planting guide with suggested plant species is coming soon.

Cottage Flower Garden Design #4 with vehicle path/bin pad of pavers and pebbles. 

08 July 2017

Unley gets a start for the Tour Down under

Image result for Unley Gourmet Gala 2016

Unley has been awarded a start for Stage 2 on Wed Jan 17th, 2018. The Gourmet Gala will be held on King William Rd the evening before. Despite a few disgruntled Councillors and  a couple  of budget representations it seems the vast amount of residents are happy to keep it going. It certainly is becoming expensive at $263,0000 and at some stage it is likely to lose its appeal to something bigger and better. I personally feel we are not at that stage. Event Managers Australia will be assisting the UCC to get both the Gala and the Stage 2 start up and running.

02 July 2017

Active Aging video

Image result for Active Aging video Unley

 I would love to have gone to the launch but, unfortunately, this was held during working hours when I was not able to attend.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the  launch of ‘Unley Legends’ young at heart video series.

The films show case active ageing at its best and we would love you to share them with your wider networks, including family and friend. J
  To view the videos please click on the link below:

Age is a celebration!

Leter from Susan Clase re Black Forest PS Reserve

Image result for Black Forest  Primary school reserveJust this week I received a  letetr from Susan Close, via Steph Key, resonding to resident concerns at BFPS Reserve. She confirms that:

  •  a gardening contractor was engaged to remove the weeds and do a genaral tidy up
  • a new groundperson has been employed by the school to work on the upkeeep of the reserve: this will include pruning, and keeping the oval perimeter clean
  • an arborist has been employed to do a tree survey and a number of recomendations have been made from this. This includes the removal of some trees
  • the school has been liasing with neighbouring property owners and begun the process of replacing the fences.
Thank you Susan

25 June 2017

Full Council Meeting: June 26th, 2017

The following items in the agenda may be of interest:
  • 2017-18 Annual Business Plan and Budget Adoption: Some changes have been made as a result of the consultation process. These include more money for environmental initiatives.The  recommended rate increase is now 2.9%. The budget will operate with a $3 million dollar surplus, have over $1.3 million in new initiatives, Capital replacement of $7 million and new capital of nearly $4 million. This will be funded with rate revenue an estimated borrowing of nearly $3 million.
  •  Fees and Charges Schedule: Fee increases are generally in line with inflation
  •  Community Grants Program: Recently Council has been funding some events for a period of up to three years. The intent of this motion is to have clearer and more transparent processes.
  • Young and Porter St Intersection: After and earlier motion by cr Salaman about this intersection the requested review has now been completed. It suggests a myriad of changes that were overlooked in the first design process and has missed a couple of things that should have been in the design brief. Overall this will be a much better outcome but some resident concerns may still need addressing.
  • Unley Oval Improvement Plan: This outlines a far more modest proposal than was originally put to Council. It includes $300,000 for detailed design and a commitment of $1.5 million toward the build. This will only occur if Sturt FC puts in their share (if a share is $500,000) and grant funding is made available from other organisations (AFL, Sate and/or Fed govt) It suggests that Sturt be offered a 40 year lease but there is no discussion about ongoing payments for this.
  •   CEO Performance Review Panel: The current panel’s term has been completed and its time to select a new panel. The report suggests an addition of the Dep. Mayor as Chait of this panel and the mayor as Ex-officio only. Given that the mayor is the leader of the Council and the Council employs the CEO it seems to me that the mayor should be chairing the panel.
  • Stormwater Management Authority Nominations: Council can nominate a suitably qualified person for these positions
  •   Dardanelles Monument:  Cr Hudson’s motion is to support Adelaide City Council’s  Sandy Wilkinson  desire to see the memorial, that was originally paid for by both Adelaide and Unley residents, located closer to Unley than the ACC has proposed.  
  •  Discretionary Rate Rebates: CONFIDENTIAL
  •  Appointment to the DAP: CONFIDENTIAL

20 June 2017

Tree Strategy is setting a standard

At our recent ward briefing staff discussed the implementation of the endorsed Tree Strategy. They were able to identify the number of street trees that are proposed for removal over the next 5 years as well as the replacement program. It plants more that it removes. These trees are mostly dead or dying and in poor health. Staff were able to identify places for 30 new trees in Black Forest alone for this financial year.
Streetscape renewals for 2017/18 include Laught Ave and Ripon Rd, for 2018/19 includeEglington Ave. This was a well thought out plan and seems to be working. The full strategy can be read here.

Kids school holiday fun at the libraries

July School Holiday Program
Woodwork Workshop
Use some basic woodwork techniques to construct and personalise a small wooden project. For ages 10+ years.
Monday 10 July, 1.30 - 2.30pm
Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

Young Writers' Group
Our group meets once a month to talk about books, practise writing and share stories. For ages 7-12 years.
Monday 10 July, 4-5.30pm
Unley Civic Library Youth Area
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

PhoneLabs 60x Science Session
The 60x kit attaches to your smartphone or tablet and then magnifies what you're seeing 60 times! Take photos and upload them to a closed social media group and see if you can trick your friends. Please bring along your own phone or tablet. Limited library iPads will be available.  For ages 7+ years.

17 June 2017

Clarence Park Ward briefing update: June 2017

  • Canterbury Tce: The intersection just needs some green paint and a few bollards before it is finished. Hopefully it will make the intersection safer for all users.
  • Forest Ave,  fencing near the school: The school is currently working with DPTI’s Way to Go program to look at safety issues.
  • Gray St:  Although additional line marking is now complete there has also been a request to consider 4 hour parking in the street to reduce the use by commuters. After talking to a resident this morning this may not have universal support in the street. The narrowness of the street, in her opinion, warrants one side only parking and 2hour parking in line with Hartland Ave. It will be interesting to see the resident feedback and important for all residents to have their say.
  • Goodwood Oval:  Council has endorsed, in the draft budget, $250,000 of a necessary $450,000 to fund updating the clubrooms. This would require the building of a new external toilet facility.
  • Millswood Lawns Croquet Club lights: Council has endorsed the payment of its share of the new lights. The matter goes before the Development Assessment panel on the20th June.
  • Langdon Ave: Council have trimmed the huge palm tree in Langdon Ave. It had become a roost for pigeons to the annoyance of neighbours.
  • Arundel Ave: now that DPTI have completed the fencing Council will select plants to attempt to create a better screen. This includes in front of the southern gate (next to the gantry) as DPTI admits that they will have very little use for the gate. In an emergency they will drive over the plants if required

13 June 2017

What about our Community Centres?

Annual Statistics
2016/2017 approximate annual statistics for the 3 Council run Centres combined.

Visitations: approximately 225,000
Bookings:approximately 12,500
Number of Programs:                    231
Number of Events:                           77
Number of Regular Hirers:            70
Number of Volunteers:                  72
Number of Volunteer Hours:     7499.25

New Initiatives and highlights
Fullarton Park Community Centre
·         Hughes Gallery held 12 very successful exhibitions with an increase in visitations and sales
·         Held 7 Parenting seminars with over 400 people attending
·         Centre Forum held with some great ideas being shared
·         The art studio at Fullarton Park is now booked 6 days per week and 2 nights
·         29 School holiday workshops held with 95% fully booked
Clarence Park Community Centre
·         Over 800 children and families attended the April School Holiday program, with The Scientific Bubble Show being an enormous success, attracting 70 children.
·         The Cultural Cooking programs are proving popular with all programs booked out. To date classes have included Japanese, Mexican , Spanish, Middle Eastern cooking, these are a great way to increase cultural understanding and celebratethe diversity in Unley.  More classes are being planned for 2017/18