30 March 2022

MyCanopy: shows you the amount of tree canopy at your place


This week Council have officially launched the MyCanopy app (
). You can read about the app and the launch here:


 The app allows our community to search their address and view how canopy cover has changed on their property since 2018.


They’ve also added an Explore mode that allows you view canopy change across the whole city.


22 March 2022

Neighbour Day: Sunday March 27th 2022

Want something fun to do next Sunday and get to know your neighbours better. Collect a Kit for CHALK IT UP  at the Community Centre, library of Civic Centre.  Use it as a catalyst to get to know each other better:

  1. Start with a smile
  2. Strike up a conversation
  3. Follow up
  4. Offer to help or share
  5. Host an event

Use the hashtag #NeighbourDayUnley to share your creations and connections or email photos to communitycentres@unley.sa.gov.au.

Tips and tricks for your best life


On March 31st  Stephen Yarwood (a former Lord Mayor for the City of Adelaide) will  speak about active aging in the Town Hall at 7 pm. He is a very emotive speaker and should be great to listen to. For your time you'll be served a glass of wine. You will need to book at www.townhalltalk-stephenyarwood.eventbrite.com.au

09 March 2022

Harmony Week: there is a lot to choose from

Unley Libraries along with our Community and Cultural Development and Community Centre teams will be celebrating Harmony Week 2022 with several events during the month of March, which are listed below. The official dates for Harmony Week this year are Monday 21 – Sunday 27 March.

  • Thursday 17 March 7 – 8pm at Fullarton Park Community Centre. A panel discussion ‘You Are Welcome’ with Master of Ceremonies Matthew Ives hosting Sebastian Geers, Manager, Welcoming Cities and Kha Nguyen a member of the Vietnamese Community in Australia (SA Chapter) along with representatives from newer migrant communities.  They will be talking about their stories of challenges faced leaving their mother countries to settle in Australia and what we can learn from their experiences.
  • Thursday 24 March 6.30 – 8.30pm, in the Unley Town Hall.  A screening of a free community movie, The Hundred-Foot Journey  which is based on the book by Richard C Morais.
  • For the duration of March we have a very special exhibition of Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs at Unley Civic Library.  These are traditional eggs painted with folk designs, colours and symbols.  Each egg is a token of friendship, respect and appreciation while also holding special meaning such as peace, health and hope.
  • Unley Civic Library on Tuesday 22 and Goodwood Library on Thursday 24 March the Library Children’s Team will be hosting special Storytime sessions highlighting the theme of Harmony Day.
  • Fullarton Park Community Centre and Unley Community Centre are decorating the centres orange for the month, in recognition of the National celebration.
  • Unley Community Centre’s art classes are dedicating their time in March to create cultural pieces of artwork.
  • The library fa├žade lights along Unley Road will also be lit up orange for the official week of celebrations.

  Unley in Harmony is designed to showcase all the media we have created over the years as part of our Harmony Week activities. It also lists our upcoming Harmony Week events. You can find the page here – http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/unley-in-harmony



06 March 2022

Beam: come and try Unley

Beam has offered to host a free e-scooter training event in Unley– named Beam Safe Academy.

 The Beam Safe Academy will offer the community the opportunity to learn a range of e-scooter manoeuvring skills and techniques, all under the guidance of professional safety instructors in a fun, practical ‘come-and-try’ session.  The event will be hosted by SAFM's Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello. 

 his session is free to all adults over 18. Participants will receive a $5 ride credit voucher from Beam just for taking part. 

 When: Thursday 10 March 5:30 – 7pm

Where: Unley Civic Centre car park, adjacent to the Village Green

Full Council meeting: Feb 28th 2022

You might find the following of interest:

  • History of Unley Publication: (PASSED). The additional costs for this will now be $35,000. The publication will be available early in 2024.
  • CEO Performance Report Update: (PASSED) This report provides a data analysis and reports on the different functions of council.
  • Quarterly Report Centennial Park: (PASSED) The board is now fully independent from council with no councillors sitting on the board.
  • Motion to the Australian Local Government Association: (PASSED). Cr Anasstasiadis has crafted a motion that would enable the association to start work on a project that would see labelling required to show how each container should be disposed of. 
  • Greenhill Rd corridor upgrade (northern boundary): (PASSED) Council owns a strip of land up to 5m wide on the northern side of Greenhill Rd
  • Preservation of the Gosse building in Highgate: (PASSED)
  • Lease of 166 Unley Rd: (CONFIDENTIAL)