17 March 2019

Budget deliberations

Image result for Road markings Unley UnleyIt has come to that time in the year when Council must start considering the many projects suggested by staff, the community and themselves. Despite comments late last year that we do deals among ourselves as far as I am aware that has never been the case. But we must consider each on its merit. Last months Council passed a resolution that the rate rise should be within 1% of CPI and staff have worked toward this end. My only issue with this is that we may be tempted to make a decision that would increase borrowings to complete projects rather than use  recurrent funding (this year's rates). It easy to appropriately borrow to do the upgrade of King William Rd or the Goodwood Oval grandstand both of which are large, multi generation capital works. The problem is with some  upgrades that may include things such as signage and painting lines on roads: the yellow lines will need repainting in a year or two.

New facilities at Unley Oval opened

It was great to attend the opening of the new facilities at Unley Oval yesterday. Unley Council contributed $1.8 million to the project with other moneys from the Sturt Football Club and The state government with money to upgrade facilities for women's football. The event was met by a significant protest group as money for projects such as these are currently not on the current government's agenda.

Booksellers Fair: July 21st


Adelaide Secondhand Booksellers Fair - July 2019

16 March 2019

Harmony Day: Movie Night

Harmony Day: Movie Night

In the spirit of Harmony Day we're saying 'welcome' and inviting you all over to our place next week to watch a movie. We'll get the snacks! We're watching the film adaptation of Craig Silvey’s novel, Jasper Jones. This gripping novel is full of love, loss, teenage angst and the challenges of living in a multicultural society. Complimentary Curler Moe's Popcorn and Bush Tucker Ice Cream.

Please note: The movie is rated M (recommended for mature audiences). This film contains material that requires a mature perspective.The content is moderate.

Free event, bookings essential. Book online or phone 8372 5100.

13 March 2019

11 March 2019

Would scooters be good for Unley?

Image result for lime scooters adelaide

On reading the paper this week there was a call to consider re-licensing Lime for an extended period of time. If this included a larger slice of Adelaide that included Unley would it be just what we needed or just not necessary?

10 March 2019

Conservation Zones at risk!

Image result for Millswood Bungalow
At risk!!

I have just spent some tome reading Mark Parnell's address to the parliament in support of his amendment to the Planning Act that allowed the state government to introduce its Planning Code to override Unley's Development Plan (all Councils). While the new code is likely to protect specifically listed places it may not protect the thousands of homes that are protected in the Heritage Conservation Zones. These include Millswood (west of Goodwood Rd) and some of Goodwood. The current act only allows for the continuation of protection if 51% of landowners agree to the continued listing. As well as this, Unley's zones are protected by listing the non-contributory items and  protects the rest by omission. Interestingly none of these properties are included in the 12,000 places that the state government believe could be protected. There is now a groundswell of people who are working  to get landowners knowledgeable and onside. To this end the people who live in these homes, or own them, will soon receive a letter explaining the situation. This will not be a time to sit back if you love how these zones look now!

03 March 2019

Fish Tank

Fish Tank 2019 is an exciting program designed to engage, support, celebrate and invest in the young people of Unley. Young people aged 12-25 who live, work, study or play in the City of Unley will be invited to participate, with the opportunity to ‘pitch’ their business ideas to a panel of industry judges.

Applications are now open for the opportunity to pitch your business idea to the Fish Tank. You could win a prize package that will help grow your business! Applications close 18 March 2019. Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/fish-tank to submit your business idea.

Saturday 9 March 2019, 1pm – 4pm, Fullarton Park Community Centre.  
Learn from business leaders and young entrepreneurs, and develop your own business idea. Open to all young people aged 12-25 who live, work, study or play in the City of Unley. Registrations essential to Laura De Bono, ldebono@unley.sa.gov.au or (08) 8372 5111 by Wednesday 6 March 2019.

Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/fish-tank for terms & conditions, FAQ’s, prize package details and further information. Alternatively please contact Laura De Bono, Community Development Project Officer-Youth at ldebono@unley.sa.gov.au or (08) 8372 5111.

Walk to Adelaide High

I attended this morning's rally and was pleased to see just how many people had taken the time to be there to express their disgust  at the current government's snub of western suburb's schools including Black Forest Primary School. It's incredible that students who could walk to Adelaide High School have preference over those that would need to catch two buses. This decision was made without consultation and without enough time to for parents to make alternate arrangements.

Neighbourhood watch celebrates 35 years

I spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon last weekend listening to the Police Band and helping Neighbourhood Watch celebrate their 35th Birthday. Well done to all!

28 February 2019

Agreed voting procedures abandoned

Council has, for a number of years, agreed to a particular voting system that closely resembled theImage result for council elections proportional representation that we use for  federal, state and local government elections when selecting each other for positions on Council or outside agencies. Before this we used a dodgy system of crosses for the number of people that we needed to elect (one cross for one position, two crosses if two needed to be elected). The latter method was easily rorted by collusion between councillors and resulted in the change to a fairer system. On Monday afternoon a member of staff sent an email to all councillors telling us that the method would change for that night's selection of members for the Centennial Park Board.  I challenged the Mayor on a point of order as there had been no agreement by Councillors to change the way we voted. He denied this and went ahead with his new method. We were to vote in two separate rounds, first for position 1 and then for position 2.  Regardless of method there was no mandate to change and the  the mayor cannot change the way we vote on a whim.

26 February 2019

Full Council meeting: Feb 25th 2019

Image result for centennial park cemeteryThe following may be of interest:

  • Selection of committee members to represent Unley on the Board at Centennial Park: After much controversy Jane Russo and Michael Rabbitt were selected (see next blog)
  • Nominations for the Local Government Ministerial Advisory  Committee: the Council decided to nominate both Jordan Dodd and Don Palmer. The Minister will decide if either or both are suitable
  • Unley Oval Redevelopment; Stage 2: There are still $3 million  worth of works planned for the Unley Oval grandstands.   Council wishes to sign a letter of intent with the Life Changer Foundation to use the building as it's SA head quarters. The organisation provided mentoring and workshops to build confidence and resilience in youth. Hopefully, this will release the funds from grants, get the development done and provide a unique and valuable program for our young people.
  • Consideration of a Limited Rate rise for 2019-20: Cr Hughes asked that the limit be within 1% of CPI. While this is laudable I did not support it as I feel that the new Council may have things they want funded now and so I don't wish to see borrowings rise too quickly as we borrow money for items that, in my opinion, should be paid from recurrent funding.

Cooler, greener Adelaide:

 shaping our future city

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  • What are the impacts of a business-as-usual approach to urban growth on liveability in our communities?
  • What are the benefits of cooler, greener design and planning?
  • What is the role of water in the creation of a resilient, green Adelaide?
  • What can the community, government and industry do to contribute to a resilient, green Adelaide – in our homes, backyards, streetscapes and neighbourhoods?
  • More details here

24 February 2019

Council scandals...

Image result for Council' mis behaving cartoon

An interesting article in yesterday's paper detailed many council's past failings. So what were they:

  • Disappearing mayoral robes at West Torrens
  • Hiring of a personal media coach at Adelaide
  • Secrecy at Burnside
  • Clash between CEO and Mayor at Port Adelaide
  • The dismissal of Playford's CEO during the caretaker period
  • The ghastly memorial on the corner at Glynde corner eventually paid for by Campbelltown
  • Travel expenses wrongly claimed at Port Pirie 
  • Golf fees and credit card misuse at Onkaparinga
  • Land swapping at Charles Sturt
Unley didn't get a wrap in this one but it might have included:
  • Dodgy deals at Centennial Park
  • Mayor gets arrested
Nevertheless considering the complexity of councils and that any one council wasn't mentioned twice it might actually be a good record compared to other  government agencies just this week.

19 February 2019

Liberals really don't think they need Badcoe

Image result for adelaide botanic high school
Not for Black Forest!!
to win the next election. Just last week I wrote a blog about rising house prices in Black Forest due to it being zoned to the new Adelaide Botanic High School. But yesterday the Liberal government had the audacity to change the zone to remove Black Forest and the rest of Clarence Park from the zone. This is an insult to residents who had thought that their children would be able to attend a school they knew they could be proud of to one that they perceive to be consistently under performing. I could see Jayne Stimson on the TV news  collecting signatures at Black Forest Primary School. this is a very high price to pay for winning the seat of Badcoe.

17 February 2019


Image result for daily moves Unley 
The City of Unley will receive more than $590,000 in funding over two years after being announced as one of 27 organisations to receive a grant from Sport Australia.

The grant will fund the Council’s new Daily Moves program, which aims to engage about 800 participants aged over 65 across the eastern region of Adelaide, for physical health assessments and to develop personalised exercise plans.

The City of Unley was the first council in South Australia to become a World Health Organisation Age Friendly City and Community. Winning this grant is recognition of Unley's leadership, and they  look forward to making a positive impact on older people’s lives.

Program participants will be assessed for health factors, including balance, sleep quality and grip strength, to guide a personalised physical exercise plan. The plan will include recommendations about local activities in fitness businesses, clubs and community settings or a home-based program.

Specific needs of individuals will be supported through modified fitness activities. 

Only 25 per cent of people aged over 65 meet the physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes day. South Australia is ageing faster than any other mainland state and the City of Unley wants to ensure our people are living healthy, active and resilient lives.

Program partners will be assessed on being age friendly and provided with resources to ensure participants have their needs met.

The City of Unley will co-ordinate the Daily Moves program for the Eastern Region Alliance with two grant funded staff members.

For more information, please visit unley.sa.gov.au

16 February 2019

Forest Ave crossing point

A crossing point, near Selkirk Ave, will soon be constructed on Forest Ave. This has been an identified need for quite some time. The crossing will have bump out zones to reduce the crossing distance for users. This will require minor modification of the fence and gate at that location. This should be effective in slowing traffic and enable a safe walk to Black Forest Primary School  from a little further back that Oban Ave.

11 February 2019

South Rd: under or over

Image result for south road tunnel

Recent articles in both the Sunday Mail and The Advertiser outline in more detail the proposed upgrade of South Rd. It seems that they are currently looking at two options: one that takes traffic underground for the full 10 kilometres and one the has a tunnel and at grade development. Unfortunately, the latter proposal has the at grade development in the section from the Gallipoli underpass to Daws Rd (or thereabouts). This would leave the section through Clarence Park moving huge volumes of traffic as well as the infrastructure needed a to allow movement of vehicles onto and off the road. The former option is, in my opinion, more in line with what residents have indicated would be most suitable. The link takes you to a Channel 7 report.

Unley Art Prize

Image result for Unley Art Prize

All Connections to Unley Art Prize is a new and exciting opportunity for South Australian artists, young people and children to create, exhibit and be rewarded for artworks drawing on their personal connection to the City of Unley.

Free entry is now open to artworks  in two and three dimensional mediums, including painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, collage and new media.

A major prize of $5,000 is on offer to the overall winner, with an Elected Members Choice Award of $500 to be awarded to the finalist selected by the City of Unley's Elected Members.

All finalists will be exhibited at the Hughes Gallery in June 2019 and on the City of Unley website.

Entries close Monday 8 April 2019. Please read all competition details online. And make sure you check out the extended exhibition life for the winning artworks! For more info www.unley.sa.gov.au/unleyartprize

Arts in Your Space showcases six new public artworks across the City.

This project encouraged selected artists to re-consider highly visible locations in Unley as cultural canvases, and supports Council in reviving interest
for art in public spaces.

Arts In Your Space provided opportunities for 7 artists to make a statement, selecting from a choice of potential sites in Unley’s public realm. In reserves, on walls, in the streets and on a basketball court: six diverse, exciting and unique public arts projects were commissioned across the Council area which are memorable additions to our ever-growing public gallery.

This project has been supported by a public art and design grant from Arts South Australia and is part of our Public Arts Strategy. For more information on the artworks and our most recent projects www.unley.sa.gov.au/arts