12 December 2019

Complete this survey or the Unley libraries.

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You may have seen on our social media platforms that Unley Libraries are taking part in a survey to gather information on the value of libraries to their communities.

This survey has been designed by SGS Economics and Planning on behalf of Public Libraries SA (PLSA), and is being facilitated by six representative libraries across the state. It will produce a quantitative data set describing the costs, benefits and net benefits (or community welfare gains) generated by SA public libraries, and the economic value added and employment generated by public library services in their local economies. This study aligns with work undertaken in NSW and Victoria and will help to benchmark the performance of SA libraries. It is intended that this information will support PLSA in their upcoming negotiations with the State Government for libraries funding.

I would sincerely appreciate promotion of and your own input to the survey, which you can access on a PC in both Unley and Goodwood libraries, in hard copy, or via the following link: https://737.sawtoothsoftware.com/cgi-bin/ciwweb.pl?studyname=737&Fromlink=5&UID=L5

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