27 August 2017

Planning: whatever happened to consultation?

Is this what we really want?
I attended a forum on Wednesday evening around engagement hosted by the LGA and DPTI. the paper presented on consultation really had it all and there is little need to change anything. However, what is actually happening regarding consultation does not reflect the well thought out plans.
In the recent Ministerial DPA the Minister, John Rau, has identified sites he thinks are project ready on the main transport corridors. Some of these are in Unley and residents have been given an opportunity to have their say. And this they have done. At least half the representations received were concerning only one site and this is in Unley. The problem is that there are other sites that their owners think are also project ready but Mr Rau did not include them in the DPA. But he has allowed these sites to make submissions for inclusion. What next, it a truly consultative manner he would ensure that these sights, if suitable, are included in a further list of properties and not in this one. However, he has failed to give any surety to residents that this will be the case. This asks the questions;
How were the original sites selected? 
How will future sites be selected? 
What’s wrong with allowing Councils to continue to write their own DPAs and to consult with their residents directly? 

Why allow Councils to spend working time on producing a document that Mr Rau agreed on and then change the rules to suit yourself?

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19 August 2017

Ward Briefing17th August, 2017

  • Canterbury Tce/East Ave: these works are now completed
  • Forest Ave , near Black Forest PS: DPTI will investigate safety improvements through the school Way To Go program.
  • Grey St Access/Parking: the results of the recent survey are inconclusive. Council will still need to make a decision to do nothing or introduce 4 hour parking.
  • Tennis SA: Tennis World has now take over management of the facility.
  • Goodwood Oval: following the failure to gain additional funding to immediately update the facility there have been further discussions. Council will commission a report into the suitability of the grandstand for upgrading from and engineering/cost perspective. It may be cheaper to build a new facility. It seems politicians on both sides have made some promises.
  • Lights at Millswood Croquet: these are now in the process of being installed. I understand the old lights may be seen again as SASMEE Park
  • Goodwood Oval (NW corner): there was some money put in the budget to upgrade this area. My suggestion was to investigate some Nature Play activities.
  • Black Forest PS Reserve; a new joint use Agreement has been drawn up but is yet to be looked at by Councillors. However, there have been suggestions in upgrading the cricket nets and adding toilets to the area. It is my understanding that there are toilets in the small building on the southern side, these may be able to upgraded.

Fund My Community

Fund My Neighbourhood is a $40 million participatory budgeting program that gives South Australians the power to nominate and vote for projects to improve their neighbourhoods.

You can have a look at the website here.

Council is investigating what effects this initiatative may have on funding as the State Government usually requires a 50% contribution from Council. Nevertheless, if you havea good idea you've nothing to loose by having a go.

A selfish act

 Monday night I witnessed the most selfish act that I have ever seen while a member of Council. As the Mayor declared a conflict of interest (as he rightly should given that he has been preselected to represent the Liberal Party at the March 2018 election and the Item was in his nominated electorate, Badcoe) and the Deputy mayor then took the chair. However, given that the ward he represents is also in Badcoe, the Item to be debated was in Clarence Park Ward. I had discussed the Item earlier in the evening with the Dept Mayor and asked that I could move the relevant motion. But as the Item was read out and I indicated that I wished to Move the Motion he blatantly moved the motion from the chair thus denying me my right to have the initial voice on the important decision that effected the constituents that I represent. To add salt to the insult he then claimed he had a mandate to do so as he had worked so hard on the matter that was to be debated, as if my significant contribution amounted to nothing. 
I have done a little research and asked 'Can a mayor move a motion while chairing a meeting?' The answer is as follows;

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that a wise chair will only move certain motions from the chair.
The only motions a president or person in the chair should move are motions of congratulations or motions of condolence or motions of thanks. These are nearly always “carried by acclamation” with the obvious exception of the motion of condolence. These are often carried without a seconder.
Inexperienced or “power chairs” sometimes move all sorts of motions and in so doing demonstrate their lack of understanding of their role.

15 August 2017

Full Council meeting 14th August, 2017

Items on the agenda included:

  • Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns improvement: when setting the budget several items were identified and budgeted for in this precinct. These include an update of the change room facilities under the grandstand to be attractive to women's football. This was linked to state government funding that, as yet, Council has not managed to achieve. Improved lighting at the Goodwood tennis courts, design work for upgrading the croquet clubrooms and detailed design of the facilities for Goodwood Saints and cricket was also included. PASSED but not without a stunning rebuff from my co-councillor.
  • New member for the City Strategy committee: the position that is vacant due to a resignation will be advertised and filled ASAP. PASSED
  • Parking restrictions in Devon St North and Essex St South: residents of these two streets have asked that the current 4 hour parking controls be lifted. In Devon St in their entirety and in Essex St on one side of the street only. (PASSED)
  • New KPI's for the CEO; these include 10 key things that Council would like to see the CEO get done in 2017/18 as a priority. It includes $400,000 of savings.
  •  Shared working space (CONFIDENTIAL)

06 August 2017

Butts into better things

The City of Melbourne is showing initiative in recycling cigarette butts into plastic products. This is another initiative to reduce landfill waste in the City of Melbourne. They estimate that  over 10,000 butts are dumped on the streets everyday. (9 million in  a year) the pollute the streets and the streams that stormwater washes into. Butts are commonly mistaken for food by marine life and have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, sea turtles and other marine creatures. The full story can be read at http://www.governmentnews.com.au/2017/07/we-want-your-butt/.. Sounds like a good idea for South Australia!

Welcome mats in Goodwood

Council has now nearly completed the  upgrading on the Goodwood Rd shopping precinct and it certainly is looking look. I note that there are few, if any, vacant shops which is also a good sign. The special asphalt features at the intersections of Rosa, Florence, Lily, Gilbert, Surrey and Victoria streets are now being installed. Artist, Ellen Schlobohm, who is Fullarton based has been inspired different aspets of the Goodwood Community has been responsible for the designs. When I get a chnce today I'll take some photos and add them to this blog.

Survey: Children's programs at the library

Survey - YourSay
Unley libraries  are currently reviewing their Children's Programs to ensure they are meeting the needs of  families and to bring you even better programs in the future!

Unley Libraries currently runs:
Storytime at Unley Library every Tuesday 10.30-11.30 am
Storytime at Goodwood Library every Thursday 10.30-11.30 am
Babytime at alternate venues every Friday 10.30-11.00 am and 11.30-12.00 noon

We rely on your feedback in order to make our programs the best they can be so we would appreciate your feedback on this matter. 
Please take a few moments to complete this short survey here.