19 August 2017

Ward Briefing17th August, 2017

  • Canterbury Tce/East Ave: these works are now completed
  • Forest Ave , near Black Forest PS: DPTI will investigate safety improvements through the school Way To Go program.
  • Grey St Access/Parking: the results of the recent survey are inconclusive. Council will still need to make a decision to do nothing or introduce 4 hour parking.
  • Tennis SA: Tennis World has now take over management of the facility.
  • Goodwood Oval: following the failure to gain additional funding to immediately update the facility there have been further discussions. Council will commission a report into the suitability of the grandstand for upgrading from and engineering/cost perspective. It may be cheaper to build a new facility. It seems politicians on both sides have made some promises.
  • Lights at Millswood Croquet: these are now in the process of being installed. I understand the old lights may be seen again as SASMEE Park
  • Goodwood Oval (NW corner): there was some money put in the budget to upgrade this area. My suggestion was to investigate some Nature Play activities.
  • Black Forest PS Reserve; a new joint use Agreement has been drawn up but is yet to be looked at by Councillors. However, there have been suggestions in upgrading the cricket nets and adding toilets to the area. It is my understanding that there are toilets in the small building on the southern side, these may be able to upgraded.

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