15 August 2017

Full Council meeting 14th August, 2017

Items on the agenda included:

  • Goodwood Oval and Millswood Lawns improvement: when setting the budget several items were identified and budgeted for in this precinct. These include an update of the change room facilities under the grandstand to be attractive to women's football. This was linked to state government funding that, as yet, Council has not managed to achieve. Improved lighting at the Goodwood tennis courts, design work for upgrading the croquet clubrooms and detailed design of the facilities for Goodwood Saints and cricket was also included. PASSED but not without a stunning rebuff from my co-councillor.
  • New member for the City Strategy committee: the position that is vacant due to a resignation will be advertised and filled ASAP. PASSED
  • Parking restrictions in Devon St North and Essex St South: residents of these two streets have asked that the current 4 hour parking controls be lifted. In Devon St in their entirety and in Essex St on one side of the street only. (PASSED)
  • New KPI's for the CEO; these include 10 key things that Council would like to see the CEO get done in 2017/18 as a priority. It includes $400,000 of savings.
  •  Shared working space (CONFIDENTIAL)

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