25 June 2017

Full Council Meeting: June 26th, 2017

The following items in the agenda may be of interest:
  • 2017-18 Annual Business Plan and Budget Adoption: Some changes have been made as a result of the consultation process. These include more money for environmental initiatives.The  recommended rate increase is now 2.9%. The budget will operate with a $3 million dollar surplus, have over $1.3 million in new initiatives, Capital replacement of $7 million and new capital of nearly $4 million. This will be funded with rate revenue an estimated borrowing of nearly $3 million.
  •  Fees and Charges Schedule: Fee increases are generally in line with inflation
  •  Community Grants Program: Recently Council has been funding some events for a period of up to three years. The intent of this motion is to have clearer and more transparent processes.
  • Young and Porter St Intersection: After and earlier motion by cr Salaman about this intersection the requested review has now been completed. It suggests a myriad of changes that were overlooked in the first design process and has missed a couple of things that should have been in the design brief. Overall this will be a much better outcome but some resident concerns may still need addressing.
  • Unley Oval Improvement Plan: This outlines a far more modest proposal than was originally put to Council. It includes $300,000 for detailed design and a commitment of $1.5 million toward the build. This will only occur if Sturt FC puts in their share (if a share is $500,000) and grant funding is made available from other organisations (AFL, Sate and/or Fed govt) It suggests that Sturt be offered a 40 year lease but there is no discussion about ongoing payments for this.
  •   CEO Performance Review Panel: The current panel’s term has been completed and its time to select a new panel. The report suggests an addition of the Dep. Mayor as Chait of this panel and the mayor as Ex-officio only. Given that the mayor is the leader of the Council and the Council employs the CEO it seems to me that the mayor should be chairing the panel.
  • Stormwater Management Authority Nominations: Council can nominate a suitably qualified person for these positions
  •   Dardanelles Monument:  Cr Hudson’s motion is to support Adelaide City Council’s  Sandy Wilkinson  desire to see the memorial, that was originally paid for by both Adelaide and Unley residents, located closer to Unley than the ACC has proposed.  
  •  Discretionary Rate Rebates: CONFIDENTIAL
  •  Appointment to the DAP: CONFIDENTIAL

20 June 2017

Tree Strategy is setting a standard

At our recent ward briefing staff discussed the implementation of the endorsed Tree Strategy. They were able to identify the number of street trees that are proposed for removal over the next 5 years as well as the replacement program. It plants more that it removes. These trees are mostly dead or dying and in poor health. Staff were able to identify places for 30 new trees in Black Forest alone for this financial year.
Streetscape renewals for 2017/18 include Laught Ave and Ripon Rd, for 2018/19 includeEglington Ave. This was a well thought out plan and seems to be working. The full strategy can be read here.

Kids school holiday fun at the libraries

July School Holiday Program
Woodwork Workshop
Use some basic woodwork techniques to construct and personalise a small wooden project. For ages 10+ years.
Monday 10 July, 1.30 - 2.30pm
Unley Town Hall
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

Young Writers' Group
Our group meets once a month to talk about books, practise writing and share stories. For ages 7-12 years.
Monday 10 July, 4-5.30pm
Unley Civic Library Youth Area
Oxford Terrace, Unley
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

PhoneLabs 60x Science Session
The 60x kit attaches to your smartphone or tablet and then magnifies what you're seeing 60 times! Take photos and upload them to a closed social media group and see if you can trick your friends. Please bring along your own phone or tablet. Limited library iPads will be available.  For ages 7+ years.

17 June 2017

Clarence Park Ward briefing update: June 2017

  • Canterbury Tce: The intersection just needs some green paint and a few bollards before it is finished. Hopefully it will make the intersection safer for all users.
  • Forest Ave,  fencing near the school: The school is currently working with DPTI’s Way to Go program to look at safety issues.
  • Gray St:  Although additional line marking is now complete there has also been a request to consider 4 hour parking in the street to reduce the use by commuters. After talking to a resident this morning this may not have universal support in the street. The narrowness of the street, in her opinion, warrants one side only parking and 2hour parking in line with Hartland Ave. It will be interesting to see the resident feedback and important for all residents to have their say.
  • Goodwood Oval:  Council has endorsed, in the draft budget, $250,000 of a necessary $450,000 to fund updating the clubrooms. This would require the building of a new external toilet facility.
  • Millswood Lawns Croquet Club lights: Council has endorsed the payment of its share of the new lights. The matter goes before the Development Assessment panel on the20th June.
  • Langdon Ave: Council have trimmed the huge palm tree in Langdon Ave. It had become a roost for pigeons to the annoyance of neighbours.
  • Arundel Ave: now that DPTI have completed the fencing Council will select plants to attempt to create a better screen. This includes in front of the southern gate (next to the gantry) as DPTI admits that they will have very little use for the gate. In an emergency they will drive over the plants if required

13 June 2017

What about our Community Centres?

Annual Statistics
2016/2017 approximate annual statistics for the 3 Council run Centres combined.

Visitations: approximately 225,000
Bookings:approximately 12,500
Number of Programs:                    231
Number of Events:                           77
Number of Regular Hirers:            70
Number of Volunteers:                  72
Number of Volunteer Hours:     7499.25

New Initiatives and highlights
Fullarton Park Community Centre
·         Hughes Gallery held 12 very successful exhibitions with an increase in visitations and sales
·         Held 7 Parenting seminars with over 400 people attending
·         Centre Forum held with some great ideas being shared
·         The art studio at Fullarton Park is now booked 6 days per week and 2 nights
·         29 School holiday workshops held with 95% fully booked
Clarence Park Community Centre
·         Over 800 children and families attended the April School Holiday program, with The Scientific Bubble Show being an enormous success, attracting 70 children.
·         The Cultural Cooking programs are proving popular with all programs booked out. To date classes have included Japanese, Mexican , Spanish, Middle Eastern cooking, these are a great way to increase cultural understanding and celebratethe diversity in Unley.  More classes are being planned for 2017/18

12 June 2017

What's happening at the Goodwood Tennis?

On June 29th the current lease between Tennis SA and the current operators expires. Tennis SA has chosen to take closer control of the facility (they lease it from Council)  and have chosen Tennis World to take over the management of the centre. They hope that they will be able to refresh the facility and develop a better grassroots tennis experience in Millswood. Ben Milner, the current coach, will loacte his services and skills to a nearby facility.  Goodwood Saints Tennis Club will continue to use the facility as their home ground and will be centred there into the forseeable future.

Does Leader St seem like it is taking forever?

Project Update ~ June 2017
Outside Ideas have been working at a steady pace and are still on track for completion by 30June
2017. Outside Ideas are currently focusing on completion of some minor concrete kerbing works,
and preparation for the upcoming asphalt works. Once this work is complete, focus will shift to
planting of trees and garden beds. Best Bricks and Pavers are also working at a steady pace to
complete the permeable paved footpaths.
Asphalt works have been scheduled and will be commencing on Friday the 16th
of June, to be completed Tuesday the 20th of June. These dates are subject to weather. All works will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 am to 5.00 pm with the exception of the section of road
between Leah Street and First Ave. This will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 pm and
5.00 am. Road closures and detours will be in place during this time. An advanced notice letter
was sent out to residents earlier this week. This letter is enclosed below. Further letter drops will be
undertaken by Council’s Contractor to provide more information and timing.
Current Works
  Outside Ideas finishing minor concrete works in the street.
  Best Bricks and Pavers paving on southern side of street between Leah Street and
Anzac Highway.
Next Steps
  Asphalt Works scheduled for 16th of June to 20
the of June – Subject to weather
  Outside Ideas commence planting in the upcoming weeks
Action  Indicative Timelines
Streetscape Improvements
  Detailed design   COMPLETE
  Streetscape construction    January 17 – June 17
  Northern Side  COMPLETE
  Southern Side  March – June 17
Re-seal Leader Street   16 – 20 June 17
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available on Council’s website.
Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/leader-st.

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