12 June 2017

Does Leader St seem like it is taking forever?

Project Update ~ June 2017
Outside Ideas have been working at a steady pace and are still on track for completion by 30June
2017. Outside Ideas are currently focusing on completion of some minor concrete kerbing works,
and preparation for the upcoming asphalt works. Once this work is complete, focus will shift to
planting of trees and garden beds. Best Bricks and Pavers are also working at a steady pace to
complete the permeable paved footpaths.
Asphalt works have been scheduled and will be commencing on Friday the 16th
of June, to be completed Tuesday the 20th of June. These dates are subject to weather. All works will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 am to 5.00 pm with the exception of the section of road
between Leah Street and First Ave. This will be undertaken between the hours of 7.00 pm and
5.00 am. Road closures and detours will be in place during this time. An advanced notice letter
was sent out to residents earlier this week. This letter is enclosed below. Further letter drops will be
undertaken by Council’s Contractor to provide more information and timing.
Current Works
  Outside Ideas finishing minor concrete works in the street.
  Best Bricks and Pavers paving on southern side of street between Leah Street and
Anzac Highway.
Next Steps
  Asphalt Works scheduled for 16th of June to 20
the of June – Subject to weather
  Outside Ideas commence planting in the upcoming weeks
Action  Indicative Timelines
Streetscape Improvements
  Detailed design   COMPLETE
  Streetscape construction    January 17 – June 17
  Northern Side  COMPLETE
  Southern Side  March – June 17
Re-seal Leader Street   16 – 20 June 17
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available on Council’s website.
Visit www.unley.sa.gov.au/leader-st.

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