25 June 2017

Full Council Meeting: June 26th, 2017

The following items in the agenda may be of interest:
  • 2017-18 Annual Business Plan and Budget Adoption: Some changes have been made as a result of the consultation process. These include more money for environmental initiatives.The  recommended rate increase is now 2.9%. The budget will operate with a $3 million dollar surplus, have over $1.3 million in new initiatives, Capital replacement of $7 million and new capital of nearly $4 million. This will be funded with rate revenue an estimated borrowing of nearly $3 million.
  •  Fees and Charges Schedule: Fee increases are generally in line with inflation
  •  Community Grants Program: Recently Council has been funding some events for a period of up to three years. The intent of this motion is to have clearer and more transparent processes.
  • Young and Porter St Intersection: After and earlier motion by cr Salaman about this intersection the requested review has now been completed. It suggests a myriad of changes that were overlooked in the first design process and has missed a couple of things that should have been in the design brief. Overall this will be a much better outcome but some resident concerns may still need addressing.
  • Unley Oval Improvement Plan: This outlines a far more modest proposal than was originally put to Council. It includes $300,000 for detailed design and a commitment of $1.5 million toward the build. This will only occur if Sturt FC puts in their share (if a share is $500,000) and grant funding is made available from other organisations (AFL, Sate and/or Fed govt) It suggests that Sturt be offered a 40 year lease but there is no discussion about ongoing payments for this.
  •   CEO Performance Review Panel: The current panel’s term has been completed and its time to select a new panel. The report suggests an addition of the Dep. Mayor as Chait of this panel and the mayor as Ex-officio only. Given that the mayor is the leader of the Council and the Council employs the CEO it seems to me that the mayor should be chairing the panel.
  • Stormwater Management Authority Nominations: Council can nominate a suitably qualified person for these positions
  •   Dardanelles Monument:  Cr Hudson’s motion is to support Adelaide City Council’s  Sandy Wilkinson  desire to see the memorial, that was originally paid for by both Adelaide and Unley residents, located closer to Unley than the ACC has proposed.  
  •  Discretionary Rate Rebates: CONFIDENTIAL
  •  Appointment to the DAP: CONFIDENTIAL

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