29 January 2020

Council Meeting: Jan 28th 2020

Image result for edmund ave unley saYou might find the following of interest: 

  • Civic precinct/Concept Designs: Council have approved, after extensive work with the community, the use of an architect to draw concept plan for a regeneration of the existing buildings on Edmund Ave. They are all protected by heritage controls and demolition will not be an option on the table.
  • Expression of interest for Tour Dow Under Stage Start in 2021: I understand that this went well again this year and continuance is desirable
  • 150th Celebrations; Unley is 150  years old next year and council are working through a range of ideas and ways to celebrate this. 
  • Page Park Turf Assessment: The report recognised that the park was well used and that dogs may be part of the problem. However, a greater concern was that the watering system is aged, inefficient and needs replacing
  • Unley Oval Upgrade: (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Property Acquisition: (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Tree Prosecution-Future Action (CONFIDENTIAL)

28 January 2020

Time to write your submission

By now residents  have been letter boxed, met one one with either Don or I, had an opportunity to attend a public meeting, met with each other or been door knocked by fellow residents or myself and gathered information about the proposed zone changes for Black Forest and Clarence Park (west)I have also started getting responses from people as they send their submissions to DPTI. There are a few key messages that your submission needs to have. These are:

Image result for row housing design
  • That the site area should remain at 350m and not be changed to 300m
  • Setbacks should remain unchanged
  • That this will result in unnecessary over development
  • That sill heights remain at 1700mm to limit overlooking
  • That garage/carport widths should remain at 30% or less
  • That you wish to be transitioned to a Suburban Neighbourhood Zone.
  • That Council should remain the preferred driver for development amendments should they be required
  • That the current July1st deadline will force hasty and poor decisions.

Now is the time to write your submission to :

mail t

ave yo

27 January 2020

Conservation grants

Image result for Millswood Bungalow
Conservation Grants are open for application from Monday 20th January and closing Friday 7th February 2020.  All information including the application form and Policy is now on our website :

If you live in a heritage listed property or a Heritage Conservation Zone and you need conservation work done on you property (includes houses and trees) then this may make it a little more affordable.

25 January 2020

Resident meeting successful

PDC in Black ForestThe rezoning meeting planned for the 24th was a resounding success with over 90 people attending. Don and I outlined the reasons for rezoning and the affects that this will have on the building stock. I have spent today getting a database together and emailing the presentation and proforma submission that attendees thought would be useful to reinforce our message. We're hoping now that individuals will champion the cause in their streets to boost the number of  responses. if you would like these documents please let me know.

23 January 2020

Friday for a Cause

Image result for Cure 4CF

Is an initiative operated annually, its purpose being to promote the health and wellbeing of
the local community and encourage increased attendance to the Unley Swimming Centre,
while supporting a charitable cause impacting our community. This year Friday for a cause
will operate from Friday 7nd February to Friday 24th April with entry being a gold coin
contribution between 4:30pm to 8:00pm on Friday evenings. Council is excited to announce this
year’s beneficiary as Cure4 Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Cure4CF).

19 January 2020

What does 300 mean for you?

  • Smaller block sizes
  • easier subdivision
  • 2 for ones will become 3 for ones
  • Triple level flats and three storey town houses
  • More overlooking
Please make the time to attend the meeting on the 24th Jan at the Clarence Park Community Centre at 7pm (Clarence Room) to find out what you can do to stop the rezoning that is threatening Clarence Park (west of East Ave) and Black Forest.