26 July 2017

Goodwood Subway solutions

Just when l thought that delivering a solution to the ugliness of the Goodwood Subway Underpass had been forgotten it seems that bipartisan support has been given to ask for ideas of what could make it look better. Both Step Key and David Pisoni are onside. Consultation has commenced to get ideas from the public. I hope on this one there won't be any objections. I note that Mitcham Council passed a motion to ask the state government to put the proposed tram line down Goodwood Rd rather than Unley Rd. This might cause more than a little congestion in the same subway. The details are on a notice board on the walkway.

Fright train noise solutions


This link will take you to an article about train noise solutions in the Hunter Valley. Installed by ARTC at the request of residents living near a freight line with an increased frequency of service. Hebel acoustic bricks have supplied a solution. I can think of a few locations in Unley where they would be welcomed.

19 July 2017

Leader St Streetscape is now complete.

Leader Street Streetscape Project is completed. Outside Ideas were granted practical completion in late June. There are still some minor defects to be fixed which is currently taking place. A small amount of asphalt works at the railway line is booked in for early August to coincide with a rail shutdown planned by DPTI (there are special requirements when working near a rail corridor). 
Some of the ongoing environmental benefits that this project will deliver for the city:
  • The raingardens along the street are designed to filter stormwater to remove pollutants that would otherwise enter our creeks and the ocean. The raingardens will filter approximately five Million Litres of stormwater a year. That’s two Olympic sized swimming pools of water per year.
  • The new permeable footpaths have approximately 110 Thousand Litres of storage capacity. The water that falls onto the footpath will be soaked into the soil below, providing additional water for trees and vegetation in the street.


18 July 2017

New parklet locations on King William Rd

KWR Parklets
The successful submissions have been confirmed The Pot and Melt Pizzeria at 1&2/160 King William Road Hyde Park, and Robbies Chop Shop at 149 King William Road Unley.
The Parklets were relocated last week. While they are near the locations that have been the new sites will be better able to incorporate outdoor dining and coffee. The loss of parking will not change. The vibrancy that the existing footpaths extensions, at Cotto and Nutrition Republic, i has brought is very pleasing. This will kick start the final planing for KWR refurbishment.

Green your verge!

Unley residents and organisations are invited to apply for a Greening Verges Incentive to assist in greening their verge (nature strip). 
For a limited number of successful applicants, Council will remove existing dolomite and replace with 100mm depth of soil at no cost, leaving the verges ready for planting.
Please note that residents must agree to source and pay costs associated with plants, planting the verge and ongoing maintenance.

Applications are available onlineApplications close on Monday 31 July, but don't delay as spots will be allocated on a ‘first qualified in, first served’ basis. 

Council encourages residents to take ownership of their verge areas as this enhances our streetscapes and the kerb appeal of residences throughout the City.
In addition to extra greenery, landscaping a verge contributes in many positive ways by:
  • providing a healthier environment for street trees
  • softening the effect of hard surfaces such as roads and footpaths
  • improving air quality
  • working at natural air conditioners through moisture in leaves
  • reducing stormwater run-off, and
  • providing habitat for small creatures like bees and butterflies.
Need Some Verge Garden Inspiration?
Our new display verges at Edmund Avenue showcase a variety of plants and treatments that you could use to transform your verge into an attractive garden feature. Take a stroll down Edmund Avenue, Unley and be inspired by contemporary, cottage, natural and formal layout examples, including different path ideas. All displays meet the guidelines of safe plant choices and low plant heights to ensure good sight lines for road users. A matching planting guide with suggested plant species is coming soon.

Cottage Flower Garden Design #4 with vehicle path/bin pad of pavers and pebbles. 

08 July 2017

Unley gets a start for the Tour Down under

Image result for Unley Gourmet Gala 2016

Unley has been awarded a start for Stage 2 on Wed Jan 17th, 2018. The Gourmet Gala will be held on King William Rd the evening before. Despite a few disgruntled Councillors and  a couple  of budget representations it seems the vast amount of residents are happy to keep it going. It certainly is becoming expensive at $263,0000 and at some stage it is likely to lose its appeal to something bigger and better. I personally feel we are not at that stage. Event Managers Australia will be assisting the UCC to get both the Gala and the Stage 2 start up and running.

02 July 2017

Active Aging video

Image result for Active Aging video Unley

 I would love to have gone to the launch but, unfortunately, this was held during working hours when I was not able to attend.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended the  launch of ‘Unley Legends’ young at heart video series.

The films show case active ageing at its best and we would love you to share them with your wider networks, including family and friend. J
  To view the videos please click on the link below:

Age is a celebration!

Leter from Susan Clase re Black Forest PS Reserve

Image result for Black Forest  Primary school reserveJust this week I received a  letetr from Susan Close, via Steph Key, resonding to resident concerns at BFPS Reserve. She confirms that:

  •  a gardening contractor was engaged to remove the weeds and do a genaral tidy up
  • a new groundperson has been employed by the school to work on the upkeeep of the reserve: this will include pruning, and keeping the oval perimeter clean
  • an arborist has been employed to do a tree survey and a number of recomendations have been made from this. This includes the removal of some trees
  • the school has been liasing with neighbouring property owners and begun the process of replacing the fences.
Thank you Susan