19 July 2017

Leader St Streetscape is now complete.

Leader Street Streetscape Project is completed. Outside Ideas were granted practical completion in late June. There are still some minor defects to be fixed which is currently taking place. A small amount of asphalt works at the railway line is booked in for early August to coincide with a rail shutdown planned by DPTI (there are special requirements when working near a rail corridor). 
Some of the ongoing environmental benefits that this project will deliver for the city:
  • The raingardens along the street are designed to filter stormwater to remove pollutants that would otherwise enter our creeks and the ocean. The raingardens will filter approximately five Million Litres of stormwater a year. That’s two Olympic sized swimming pools of water per year.
  • The new permeable footpaths have approximately 110 Thousand Litres of storage capacity. The water that falls onto the footpath will be soaked into the soil below, providing additional water for trees and vegetation in the street.


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