30 April 2014

Canterbury Tce: the most recent decision

The motion moved by me and seconded by Don read as follows.
1.  The report be received.
2.  The proposed changes (as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1110/14) at the
intersection of Canterbury Terrace and East Avenue be implemented.
3.  The existing verge area be replanted with the selected tree species and
4.  Staff continue to monitor bicycle traffic in both Canterbury Terrace and
through the intersection at East Avenue and report back to Council in 12
5.  The community originally consulted on the matter and all other respondents
be notified of the Council’s decision.
6.  The ‘No Parking” Zone be retained in Canterbury Terrace.

This enriched the motion recommended by staff and addressed some of the concerns expressed by residents. These concerns were about;

  • the cyclist safety crossing East Ave and having to cross over Canterbury Tce as they enter the street at the western end and then back again at East Ave (travelling west seems to work)
  • monitoring how it works over time and making modifications if necessary
  • the trees be replanted as soon as practicable to give them a good start this winter
  • an under-story of attractive plants is planted where he footpath (unusable) now exists
  •  the no parking zone being retained
  • all the residents who responded being informed of the outcome.

29 April 2014

Full Council Meeting: 28th April 2014

This meeting was held at Fullarton Park Community Centre.
This month there were three deputations; one for Mary-Rose Alfonsi on Canterbury Tce, one from the Sturt Tennis Club  and the other from the Main Street Association representatives.

The Agenda items include;

  • CEO Performance Review Committee minutes
  • Unley Business and Economic Development minutes;This contains recommendations about the rate levy charged to all businesses on the main streets, the Gourmet Gala, the vacancy rates and the Proposed Main Street Improvement Plan.
  • Sturt Lawn Tennis Club Funding Request for GAP Water;The club had asked for a loan of $5,500 to further progress a connection to the GAP water pipeline. This water would then be metered and  a rate charged for the water from Council rather than SA Water. This could give significant cost savings over time. The motion PASSED as a donation from Council: it is good to see clubs themselves driving the funding and both contributing themselves and seeking outside funding themselves rather than expecting Council to drive the process.
  • Canterbury Tce-Traffic Options; Council staff  recommended that Canterbury Tce stay a two way street, at this time bicycle traffic does not warrant a separate bike path. If approved the tress can be replanted along the fence and the former footpath re-landscaped this financial year. PASSED with some minor changes (I'll write a separate blog)
  • Traffic Study-Forestville;This will now  allow an immediate study of the Forestville traffic woes; these have been exacerbated by the speed cushions in Leah St and the removal of the speed humps in Everard Tce.PASSED
  • King William Rd Pedestrian refuge; This motion calls for the the deferral of the construction of the second pedestrian refuge on King William Rd, near the corner of Arthur St) WITHDRAWN
  • Development of 173 King William Road; A new coffee shop on KWR wishes to have outdoor dining when the footpath is too narrow (according to Council policy) to accommodate this. Approval may be granted if the footpath is clearly marked to allow safe disability access along Opey Ave. I will be hesitating to support this unless smoking is also banned as the diners and pedestrians will be much closer together than would normally be the case. While I managed to get the area as no smoking in the motion the Item was eventually DEFERRED for further investigation.
  • Expiation of Offences Act 1996; Delegations Update;
  • 2014-15 Draft Annual Business Plan for Consultation; The Agenda contains the entire proposed business plan http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Att%202%20Item%201118%20FCM%20April%202014.pdf  
  • Real Property Act and Liquor Licensing Act; Delegations;
  • Braeside and Hackett Reserve projects;This motion called for the Hackett Reserve project to take precedence this financial year  as more money than was budgeted is required for the Braeside Reserve project.PASSED
  • Picket Fencing-Unley Oval;This is a rescission motion to enable public consultation to take place before any  further money is expended on the project. This matter has been raised by Cr Saies. LOST
  • Cat By-law;This motion calls for similar by-laws to be introduced about cats that already exist for dogs.This matter has been raised by Cr Hudson.WITHDRAWN
Questions have also been raised on Brown Hill Creek (rate of flow), Cost for registered postage for development application  notifications (the cost would be $60,000), the waste management contract, the Sturt Football Club's Financial statement(to be answered in May)  and the restoration of the Village Green Artwork (to be answered in May).

26 April 2014

Anzac Morning

It was great to once again see so may people at the dawn ceremony yesterday. There seems to be ever increasing numbers and lots of young men with their sons and daughters.
What caught my eye this year was the Unley Shopping Centre next door displaying a huge sign at the car park entrances to say that the car park was closed for repairs and cars who used the park would be towed. Perfect timing!  In a act of civil disobedience the car park was full, the signs driven around to gain entry. At 5:45 am, as you might expect,  there was not a workman in sight. I'm sure the car park was empty again by the time they came to complete whatever repairs were necessary.
This was followed with an excellent breakfast at the Goodwood Scouts and Guides in Clarence Park.

24 April 2014

Native Plant Sale

Autumn 2014 Australian Native Plant Sale

 The Australian Plant Society is proud to present the Autumn 2014 Australian Native Plant Sale.

Come along on to learn more about our wonderful flora with expert advice available, as well as plants for sale.
With over 10,000 plants for sale is it the largest sale of Australian plants in Australia! Including demonstrations, free soil PH testing and children’s activities, it is the perfect weekend for all the green thumbs out there.
The event will run across two days at the Adelaide Showground’s on Saturday 26 April, 10am to 5pm and Sunday 27 April, 10am to 4pm.
 Gold coin donation appreciated.
For Information about times of workshops and a list of over 600 species of plants available for sale visit the Australian Plant Societies website.  

Anzac Day Service

ANZAC Day Services in Unley and Myrtle Bank

The ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Unley will be held in the Unley Soldiers Memorial Gardens on 25 April 2014. The Service will commence at 6.00am but those who wish to attend are encouraged to arrive prior to 5.45am.
The Order of Service will be available within the Gardens.
The ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Myrtle Bank will be held at the War Veterans’ Home, Ferguson Avenue. Service commences 6.15am
For information on ANZAC Day services in South Australia, visit the RSL SA Branch website

Canterbury Tce: final proposal

Here are the links to the Canterbury Tce final proposal. 
Clearly the staff feel that there is not, and will not be enough bicycle traffic to have a separate bike lane. I would love your comments and if you think we should still be considering option 2. The links below take you to the relevant agenda item and the attachments to it. If any of you feel the need for a coffee on Sunday to discuss the recommendations I can be at Carnivale from 2pm. Let me know if you wish me to  be there. Please note the meeting is at Fullarton Park Community Centre and not the Civic Centre. As at least one resident will be making a deputation this matter should be debated earlier than is shown in the agenda.  

23 April 2014



Cooking Demonstrations will once again be held this year with the
Ahmadiyya Muslim Women.

Learn to make Authentic and Delicious Dishes unique to their culture.
Enjoy a shared lunch together.

Classes are scheduled for
Wednesday, 7th May 12 noon – 2.30pm
Wednesday, 27th August 12noon – 2.30pm
Thursday, 9th October 11.30am – 2.00pm

$10/per person per class.
Contact the Centre for Bookings.

Women Only please.
 Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Ave Black Forest
Ph  8293 8166
Fax 8293 2886

Office Hours – Mon-Thurs 9am-3pm & Fri 9am-12noon

22 April 2014

Tree plantings this season.

At  a recent ward briefing we discussed the tree replacement programme. I have been assured that the trees in Langdon Ave will be replaced with the selected species, as well the trees in Parker Tce will be replaced as soon as practicable. They will be replaced as near as practicable to the lacations of the old trees. While Canterbury Tce will need to wait for the final outcome of the recent consultations the trees there will also be replaced. These are already funded and do not have to wait until the next financial year.

Should Councillors Stand Down?

A recent vote at the Local Government Association Annual General Meeting called for a recommendation to be put to the state government to change legislation so that any sitting Councillor would have to stand  down at the time the writs are called from their position as Councillor until the results of the election are known. They would then resume their seat on Council,if they lose, or take the new position they won. It has not been possible to hold both positions since Michael Keenan, former Mayor of Unley, ran for a seat in the state parliament. He claimed he would hold both positions if he won. This upset some people and even though he lost legislation was changed to ensure that could not happen.
There are clear conflicts of interest in being an elected member to Council and running an election campaign for another level of government. What concerns me most is those who believe they know where the conflict lies and don't need others to remind them; they generally get it wrong. At the last sate election about 30 Councillors state wide had a shot at state parliament, some successfully others not. Some stood down and others didn't; there was no consistency or transparency.

21 April 2014

Footpath Schedule on Track

After seeing the completion of Meredyth Ave footpaths and the progression of both Lloyd Ave and Williams St footpaths  it prompted  me asked staff exactly how the accelerated footpath programme was going. I have been reassured that all footpaths will be paved by 2018/19. For many of you this will not be quickly enough but without the accelerated programme they would not have been completed by 2032. The accelerated programme sees $1.5 million spent each year rather than $.4 mill. 2014/15 should see Cromer Pde, Birkdale Ave and  Hammond St completed. I am yet to get the schedule to completion but that should be available soon. It is evident from walking the streets that many are in very poor repair.
If you have a trip hazard in one that is annoying you then please take a photo of it, let me know the exact location when you email the photo and I will have staff add it to the works schedule for repair.

19 April 2014

Development Plan Update

Residents and landlords still have until May 22nd to return their forms expressing their opinion on the proposed Residential DPA. Don and I have now knocked on nearly every door between in the area bordered by East Ave, Aroha Tce, Gray St and Forest Ave. While many people were not at home and were left our business cards with the hope that they will call to discuss any concerns they might have, those at home have had plenty to say.
What hope is there of affecting a change from what is proposed?  The reality is that if residents say nothing then this will be taken as consent. If many people write in wanting change (that is to retain existing zoning) then change can be recommended. It may not be accepted by Council, but then again it might be and even if Council recommends change it is possible that the state government will still not accept it. If you do nothing you will get exactly what is proposed. My initial thoughts were that just tweaking with the edges of this zone might work but the reality is that while some people may be happy to see the existing medium density areas intensified (Housing Trust and ECH) they want the rest  to be left alone.
However, at the western end of Aroha Tce there would appear to be general support for the proposal. I am yet to doorknock Fielding, Enerson or Dryden Ave.
Please put your thoughts into writing and let the decision makers know how you feel.

17 April 2014

Councillors look to cash in.

Today's Advertiser has run a story on remuneration for Councillors. The RemunerationTribunal is currently receiving submissions on the amount that Councillors should be paid. I responded the last time Councillors were asked this question and calculated at that time I was being paid less than a few dollars an hour. However, it seems that Adelaide City Councillors are unhappy with their $18,600 per year; additionally they would be paid extra for each committee they chair or board that they sit on (as Unley Councillors are). For me this takes about 20 hours each week although the time I spend also is dependent on how much time I have available. This week I spent hours door knocking and attending resident meetings as well as meeting at Council 4 times. So what is our time worth?  Are we still volunteers or should we be paid a reasonable wage and see this as as a part time job? The allowance  is certainly much better than it was and more than covers costs.

Fix the trains and the people will come


You might find the article in the Indaily of interest? The missed opportunities
 along the Seaford line are  plain to see.  Just compare Emerson St or 
Clarence Park Station with the new Showgrounds Station. 
In particular the Clarence Park  could be warm and welcoming with a fresh coat 
of paint and some new planter boxes full of fresh plants. DPTI could also
 paint the gantry in a charcoal colour that would make it appear to recede.
On this note the Reopen Millswood  Station Group are working with Council
 to help it be more welcoming when it reopens.

16 April 2014

Protect our CBD from shopping giants: Maras

This article in today's Advertiser discusses the benefit to the CBD of the shopping centres close to the CBD not becoming so large that they attract business away from the city. Unley Shopping Centre is named as one of the potential sites to do this. While Unley Shopping Centre has had virtually no planning restrictions for 20 years there has been no attempt by owners to increase it's footprint since the initial redevelopment. While this may be possible Council has also seen little interest from developers to build  on Greenhill Rd or Unley Rd even though they can now develop these streets to between 5 and 10 stories. The site may be a great location for apartments that could also see an intensity in shops but, in my opinion, this is probably a long way off.


The following article appeared in the Mitcham Messenger, written by Emmie Dowling. This largely echoes the view from earlier meetings held in Unley. While it would seem that Mitcham residents have largely supported the No Dam argument their are now increasing numbers realising that this can only be achieved at significant personal cost to creek owners and the creek environment. While clearing the creek bed should be possible any widening or deepening must be weighed up against the benefit that a dam would be able to achieve.

PEOPLE whose properties stretch into Brownhill Creek may face surrendering strips of their land for floodworks, and even knocking down parts of their houses, Mitcham Council has revealed.
Mitcham's engineering director, Howard Lacy, told an invitation-only meeting of about 50 residents last week that private property might have to be ceded along the creek to allow the contentious flood protection works.
People who owned sections of creek would be compensated from the project's overall budget," he said. "The councils are debating it, but at the moment the creek is the residents' responsibility to keep banks stable and the creek clear." "What we're not clear of is if there is a flood mitigation plan approved whether (residents) would be liable." Torrens Park's Bill Mossel is concerned about his house, as part of it extends over the creek. "I have a narrow property, so if they do want to make more space for the creek, there won't be much left. What they'll want to do with my house is anybody's guess at the moment," he said.
A new community group, Save Our Creek Environs Trees, has been formed to oppose any "drastic change" to residents' homes and gardens under the floodworks. Spokesman Tom Pearce, of Hawthorn, said the group would fight "forcefully"against any loss of property.
Brown Hill Keswick Creeks Stormwater project director Michael Salkeld said the meeting was held to get resident's input before a plan was developed.
He said work would not commence for a few years.

13 April 2014

DPA Significant Resident Concern

Following the Open Days last week there has been some significant concerns raised by residents especially in the Eglington, Gray, Hartland Ave area. Residents are so concerned that they are door knocking their streets to ensure that people have read the material letter boxed by Council and understand that this does effect them. They are also encouraging each individual concerned to respond to the consultation an/or sign a petition. For those who have disposed of their letter the information can be found on Councils we site. 

The Have Your Say electronic response is at;

You can also download a paper copy at;

The fact sheet can be found at ;

Don and I will be out door knocking early this afternoon and then most afternoons next week. If you want us to spend some time with you just send an email and make a time either for yourself or a group of neighbours.

Councils' Online Vote Study

At the Local Government Association Annual General Meeting held on Friday last week the meeting agreed to investigate online voting for local government elections. The hope is that this will encourage more people to vote. The statistics for voting in South Australia show that only 32% of people vote. In Tasmania about 56% vote! what is the difference? In Tasmania (as in most of the eastern states) local government elections are run or party lines, that is that the Liberal and Labor Parties select candidates of their choice. People then have only one decision, do I vote Liberal or Labor. In South Australia politics is yet to infiltrate local government and each candidate runs on their own personal merit. People then use the excuse that they don't know the candidates and, therefore, don't vote.
I don't know how this trial be be managed or if it will be ready for this year's election: if it isn't then it won't be trialled until 2018 and couldn't be introduced until 2022. The wheels of local government turn very slowly.
The solution to get more people to vote is easy, make it compulsory. Why should local government be any different in this matter than state or federal elections? I have raised this with my colleagues many times and they do not support this type of change.

11 April 2014

The City of Unley Volunteer Vacancies

Ever considered volunteering for your community? The City of Unley has the following Volunteer Vacancies
Gardening Project – seeking people with a passion for potting plants, light trimming & small areas of weeding in the homes of elderly residents
Hospitality – opportunities for food preparation or serving afternoon tea at the Unley Community Centre.
Friendly visiting – in local aged care nursing homes.
Children services – supporting staff in providing fun and meaningful activities.
Museum – now recruiting to build the education team. Fortnightly, half day program.
For more information please contact kjenkinson@unley.sa.gov.au or phone 83725116
Click here for more volunteering opportunities.

10 April 2014

Anzac Day Breakfast

You are cordially invited to join us an Anzac Day breakfast,
Friday 25th April at 7am at the Scout Hall, 51 Frederick St, Clarence Park
$5.00 per Head
Tea and Coffee available.
All catering by the 3rd Goodwood Guides
The Breakfast will follow the Dawn Service at Unley Memorial Gardens
where  Guides and Scouts will be forming an Honour Gaurd.
RSVP: ASAP  Sheralie (Guide Leader) 0407614616
SMS / Text or phone Sheralie with your Family name and
number of people attending.

Pick up a gift for Mothers’ Day!

Goodwood Guides
Pick up a gift for Mothers’ Day!
Something for everyone!
Tea and coffee. Sausage sizzle.
Home made cakes and goodies.
Over 20 stalls ranging from handmade
jewellery and accessories, as well as beauty
products, to homewares and plants.
Sunday May 4th 11am-3pm
51 Frederick St, Clarence Park.

Will Millswood Station reopen?

Most of you will have read the article below by Emmie Dowling regarding Millswood 

Station. I had a person phone call yesterday from Steph Key, Member for Ashford, to assure

 me that this project was going ahead. The group that has successfully launched this project

 celebrated the win last  week and is looking forward to working with the government to see

 the project through to the opening for the trial and then on ensuring increasing patronage 

during the trial.

RESIDENTS are confident Labor will keep its election promise to reopen Millswood
 station even though the government has said it might not be “feasible”.
The newly elected government appears to have watered down its promise to
 reopen the station for a 12-month trial starting from July 1.
In a statement last week, Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan cast doubt
 on whether the trial would proceed, let alone whether it would reopen
“Significant work will be required ahead of the start of a trial resumption of rail
services at Millswood station to bring it up to legislative requirements, including
accessibility, to ensure it is suitable for temporary oper-
“When someone tells me something is going to happen, I believe it,” Mr Gasper
Mr Gasper and about 140 members of his group had helped the ALP win the Ashford
seat that enabled Labor to form a minority government.
The group dropped 1000 flyers in letterboxes in the Millswood and Clarence Park
area to inform residents of the promise to reopen the station.
Labor backbencher Steph Key held on in Ashford by a narrow margin.
Ms Key has long campaigned for the station to reopen and is working with
 Mr Gasper on a community project to beautify the station.
The station was closed by the Liberal government in 1995 because of poor

09 April 2014

‘Find Your Everything’ digital magazine

The first edition of the ‘Find Your Everything’ digital magazine is now available for ipads and iphones from the Apple store and for Android devices from Google play.
Council research indicates this is the ‘first of a kind’ for a Mainstreet specific digital magazine in Australia and a first for Local Gov. in SA (maybe Australia) to release a digital magazine promoting its business community.
On this basis we are hoping to attract significant media attention given the trends towards mobile devices. Latest Australian figures show the total of all tablets reaching 40% of the population at the end of 2013,and an estimate that 9.4 million Australians were using tablets at the end of 2013.

Click on www.findyoureverything.com.au/emag to find out more,  subscribe and download either version (apple / android devices). Or, simply search using keywords ‘Find Your Everything’ or  ‘Unley’ in the Apple store or ‘Find Your Everything’ in Google Play (for Android devices – not for PC though).

07 April 2014

Change of Venue - April Council Meeting

Change of Venue - April Council Meeting

Please note the change of venue for City of Unley's next Council Meeting
Venue: Parkview Room, Fullarton Park Community Centre
Date: Monday 28 April
Time: Commencing 7pm

06 April 2014

Brown Hill Creek consultation progressing

Saturday afternoon owners of Brown Hill Creek were invited to meet together at the Civic Centre to discuss with staff the opportunities for clearing the creek bed and/or deepening and widening the creek where it traverses their properties. This was divided into separate meetings as the creek is treated differently in each area. The first, through Forestville and Everard Park largely sees the creek pass between properties, the next area sees it in a concrete bed (installed in the 30's) and after Mitchell St is more in its natural state. In the latter two areas it is usually the dividing line between the properties.  It was clear that the owners of the creek are generally unaware that the maintenance of the creek bed rests with the owner and not Council. While there was general support for assistance to help clear the creek bed of obstructions there was not support to increase the creek capacity by widening the base and ensuring a depth of 2m. It was suggested that the banks could be reinforced with gabion walls. Only the owners along Wilberforce Walk saw an advantage in completely enclosing the creek in a covered culvert (as in Culvert St). The overarching message that I got from residents was that the water in the creek should be slowed and turbidity increased. They believed this would be achieved by building a dam and clearing the creek bed where it has become choked with obstructions.

Historic Markers now in place

If you want something interesting to do on a weekend take the time  to see the new history trail in Unley (starting at the Town Hall). This takes you past about a dozen places of historical interest in the vicinity. You may learn a little more about the history of Unley. There is also some interesting questions for young children so it might be something to amuse the kids over the upcoming school holidays.
This is the outcome of a long project which has been respectfully created, devised, negotiated and produced by a group of dedicated professionals, volunteers from the Unley Museum and community members.

04 April 2014

Development Plan Amendment

Residents in Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave) will have received a letter this week from Council asking for them to express an opinion about a Development Plan Amendment. To assist in people's understanding of how this will affect them the Council are running information sessions Sunday (6th) from 1-5 and Tuesday (8th) 3-7 at the Civic Centre. I urge you to attend. I have had several inquiries from people  seeking clarification and agree that negotiating the Council website to get detailed information can be difficult.

03 April 2014

Brown Hill Creek Letter causes some concern

The letter below has been distributed to residents and appears on the Council website. It is causing some concern for residents. The concerns centre around just what 'investigating a creek upgrade means'. It does not mean, as loudly toted by Mitcham residents, a no dam solution, and it does not mean no culverts in Unley. However, it does mean that Councils will investigate a variety of means to allow a delivery of more water flow through the natural water course. This means in the first instance seeking consent from land owners to return the creek to its natural flow of 18 cubic metres per sec (it is currently restricted to 9). This should be able to be achieved by removing the feral vegetation and other obstacles in the creek bed. If you doubt the necessity for this stand on the bridge on Malcolm St and look south. The other option is to additionally widen and deepen the creek bed (with consent of owners). In my speech at Council, when this item was debated, I expressed my concerns at this option as believe it will be unworkable. If this is the case then  a dam will still need to be built. While I understand that the flood data has been updated in line with more recent rainfall patterns this information has not been given to Councillors even though it has been requested. It seems more and more that the state government should be intervening in this project (and should have done years ago) and implementing the best solution at their own expense expediently.

Further Update on the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project

You may recall my message in January this year regarding Council’s resolution to seek a viable stormwater mitigation option that does not involve the construction of high flow culverts in Unley streets.
Based on updated information, investigations now indicate that a feasible solution for the upper Brown Hill Creek catchment is to upgrade the existing creek at critical sections. Possible works could include widening the creek bed and stabilising the creek banks. Under this option, an easement over the creek and its banks may be necessary to ensure access for ongoing maintenance. It is important to note however, that use of the land adjacent to the creek banks would not be restricted (as was proposed in the 2004 Ministerial Plan Amendment Report).
A creek upgrade option would not require bypass culverts in the streets of Unley or detention dam(s) to be built as proposed in the current Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan.
As reported in the previous newsletter, at its November meeting Council resolved:
‘The final report acknowledges that many Unley residents will not accept any option that has high flow culverts in Unley streets and seeks to find a viable option that achieves this.’
In February, Unley Council endorsed the following recommendations:
  1. The BHKC Steering Committee place priority on investigating a creek upgrade solution for the upper reaches of Brown Hill Keswick Creek.
  2. Following consideration by the 5 Councils, specific community engagement occurs with property owners to identify any potential issues associated with this solution.
The other four Councils working on this project (Mitcham, West Torrens, Adelaide and Burnside) have also endorsed these recommendations.
Council is contacting owners and residents of properties along critical sections of the creek where work is likely to be required to invite them to a local area meeting. This will be followed by individual meetings with affected property owners to discuss remedial creek works that may be required together with any issues and opportunities associated with such works.
Feedback from affected property owners will assist Councils to weigh up the relative merits of various options prior to going out to wider community engagement.
Unley Council is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for our residents – to protect houses and businesses from flooding with the least environmental, social and financial impacts on our community.
Yours sincerely
Lachlan Clyne

24 March 2014

02 April 2014

Is Heywood park an over-rated icon?

The article  by Ali Clarke in Monday's paper has caused quite a storm. Heywood Park is considered a destination in Unley and many people go their to enjoy the ambience and let the kids run free for an hour or two. When my boys were little they enjoyed climbing inside the hollow tree and the wooden fort. Most of this stopped when a kid (thankfully not mine) got stuck inside the tree and the offending tree was fenced off. It has seen many upgrades since then and the significant trees have been better protected and managed.  Since when were trees in a park considered to be widow-making? Should Council be removing all trees that are large? Or is there a balance between the two that allows people and the planet to enjoy the trees while the kids can play safely?