21 April 2014

Footpath Schedule on Track

After seeing the completion of Meredyth Ave footpaths and the progression of both Lloyd Ave and Williams St footpaths  it prompted  me asked staff exactly how the accelerated footpath programme was going. I have been reassured that all footpaths will be paved by 2018/19. For many of you this will not be quickly enough but without the accelerated programme they would not have been completed by 2032. The accelerated programme sees $1.5 million spent each year rather than $.4 mill. 2014/15 should see Cromer Pde, Birkdale Ave and  Hammond St completed. I am yet to get the schedule to completion but that should be available soon. It is evident from walking the streets that many are in very poor repair.
If you have a trip hazard in one that is annoying you then please take a photo of it, let me know the exact location when you email the photo and I will have staff add it to the works schedule for repair.

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