19 April 2014

Development Plan Update

Residents and landlords still have until May 22nd to return their forms expressing their opinion on the proposed Residential DPA. Don and I have now knocked on nearly every door between in the area bordered by East Ave, Aroha Tce, Gray St and Forest Ave. While many people were not at home and were left our business cards with the hope that they will call to discuss any concerns they might have, those at home have had plenty to say.
What hope is there of affecting a change from what is proposed?  The reality is that if residents say nothing then this will be taken as consent. If many people write in wanting change (that is to retain existing zoning) then change can be recommended. It may not be accepted by Council, but then again it might be and even if Council recommends change it is possible that the state government will still not accept it. If you do nothing you will get exactly what is proposed. My initial thoughts were that just tweaking with the edges of this zone might work but the reality is that while some people may be happy to see the existing medium density areas intensified (Housing Trust and ECH) they want the rest  to be left alone.
However, at the western end of Aroha Tce there would appear to be general support for the proposal. I am yet to doorknock Fielding, Enerson or Dryden Ave.
Please put your thoughts into writing and let the decision makers know how you feel.

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