30 April 2014

Canterbury Tce: the most recent decision

The motion moved by me and seconded by Don read as follows.
1.  The report be received.
2.  The proposed changes (as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1110/14) at the
intersection of Canterbury Terrace and East Avenue be implemented.
3.  The existing verge area be replanted with the selected tree species and
4.  Staff continue to monitor bicycle traffic in both Canterbury Terrace and
through the intersection at East Avenue and report back to Council in 12
5.  The community originally consulted on the matter and all other respondents
be notified of the Council’s decision.
6.  The ‘No Parking” Zone be retained in Canterbury Terrace.

This enriched the motion recommended by staff and addressed some of the concerns expressed by residents. These concerns were about;

  • the cyclist safety crossing East Ave and having to cross over Canterbury Tce as they enter the street at the western end and then back again at East Ave (travelling west seems to work)
  • monitoring how it works over time and making modifications if necessary
  • the trees be replanted as soon as practicable to give them a good start this winter
  • an under-story of attractive plants is planted where he footpath (unusable) now exists
  •  the no parking zone being retained
  • all the residents who responded being informed of the outcome.

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