16 April 2014


The following article appeared in the Mitcham Messenger, written by Emmie Dowling. This largely echoes the view from earlier meetings held in Unley. While it would seem that Mitcham residents have largely supported the No Dam argument their are now increasing numbers realising that this can only be achieved at significant personal cost to creek owners and the creek environment. While clearing the creek bed should be possible any widening or deepening must be weighed up against the benefit that a dam would be able to achieve.

PEOPLE whose properties stretch into Brownhill Creek may face surrendering strips of their land for floodworks, and even knocking down parts of their houses, Mitcham Council has revealed.
Mitcham's engineering director, Howard Lacy, told an invitation-only meeting of about 50 residents last week that private property might have to be ceded along the creek to allow the contentious flood protection works.
People who owned sections of creek would be compensated from the project's overall budget," he said. "The councils are debating it, but at the moment the creek is the residents' responsibility to keep banks stable and the creek clear." "What we're not clear of is if there is a flood mitigation plan approved whether (residents) would be liable." Torrens Park's Bill Mossel is concerned about his house, as part of it extends over the creek. "I have a narrow property, so if they do want to make more space for the creek, there won't be much left. What they'll want to do with my house is anybody's guess at the moment," he said.
A new community group, Save Our Creek Environs Trees, has been formed to oppose any "drastic change" to residents' homes and gardens under the floodworks. Spokesman Tom Pearce, of Hawthorn, said the group would fight "forcefully"against any loss of property.
Brown Hill Keswick Creeks Stormwater project director Michael Salkeld said the meeting was held to get resident's input before a plan was developed.
He said work would not commence for a few years.

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