17 April 2014

Councillors look to cash in.

Today's Advertiser has run a story on remuneration for Councillors. The RemunerationTribunal is currently receiving submissions on the amount that Councillors should be paid. I responded the last time Councillors were asked this question and calculated at that time I was being paid less than a few dollars an hour. However, it seems that Adelaide City Councillors are unhappy with their $18,600 per year; additionally they would be paid extra for each committee they chair or board that they sit on (as Unley Councillors are). For me this takes about 20 hours each week although the time I spend also is dependent on how much time I have available. This week I spent hours door knocking and attending resident meetings as well as meeting at Council 4 times. So what is our time worth?  Are we still volunteers or should we be paid a reasonable wage and see this as as a part time job? The allowance  is certainly much better than it was and more than covers costs.

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