04 April 2014

Development Plan Amendment

Residents in Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave) will have received a letter this week from Council asking for them to express an opinion about a Development Plan Amendment. To assist in people's understanding of how this will affect them the Council are running information sessions Sunday (6th) from 1-5 and Tuesday (8th) 3-7 at the Civic Centre. I urge you to attend. I have had several inquiries from people  seeking clarification and agree that negotiating the Council website to get detailed information can be difficult.

1 comment:

  1. Sunday's information was well attended with a steady stream of people all afternoon. Some were happy; many were so unhappy that they intend to alert their neighbours and ensure responses are received from all of them. This should inform Council's response and elicit some tweaking of the boundaries. Overall while the DPA had change of development type along the back fence line the response yesterday suggested that this would be better received along the street line.