06 April 2014

Brown Hill Creek consultation progressing

Saturday afternoon owners of Brown Hill Creek were invited to meet together at the Civic Centre to discuss with staff the opportunities for clearing the creek bed and/or deepening and widening the creek where it traverses their properties. This was divided into separate meetings as the creek is treated differently in each area. The first, through Forestville and Everard Park largely sees the creek pass between properties, the next area sees it in a concrete bed (installed in the 30's) and after Mitchell St is more in its natural state. In the latter two areas it is usually the dividing line between the properties.  It was clear that the owners of the creek are generally unaware that the maintenance of the creek bed rests with the owner and not Council. While there was general support for assistance to help clear the creek bed of obstructions there was not support to increase the creek capacity by widening the base and ensuring a depth of 2m. It was suggested that the banks could be reinforced with gabion walls. Only the owners along Wilberforce Walk saw an advantage in completely enclosing the creek in a covered culvert (as in Culvert St). The overarching message that I got from residents was that the water in the creek should be slowed and turbidity increased. They believed this would be achieved by building a dam and clearing the creek bed where it has become choked with obstructions.

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  1. At a similar meeting held in Mitcham this week for owners of the creek it has been reported to me that there was more general consensus for clearing and some sensitive and targeted widening of the creek bed. Individual owners will now have an opportunity to discuss there personal situation with staff. However, this still may not achieve the necessary 30 cub m/sec flow required to avoid the need to build a dam.