10 April 2014

Will Millswood Station reopen?

Most of you will have read the article below by Emmie Dowling regarding Millswood 

Station. I had a person phone call yesterday from Steph Key, Member for Ashford, to assure

 me that this project was going ahead. The group that has successfully launched this project

 celebrated the win last  week and is looking forward to working with the government to see

 the project through to the opening for the trial and then on ensuring increasing patronage 

during the trial.

RESIDENTS are confident Labor will keep its election promise to reopen Millswood
 station even though the government has said it might not be “feasible”.
The newly elected government appears to have watered down its promise to
 reopen the station for a 12-month trial starting from July 1.
In a statement last week, Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan cast doubt
 on whether the trial would proceed, let alone whether it would reopen
“Significant work will be required ahead of the start of a trial resumption of rail
services at Millswood station to bring it up to legislative requirements, including
accessibility, to ensure it is suitable for temporary oper-
“When someone tells me something is going to happen, I believe it,” Mr Gasper
Mr Gasper and about 140 members of his group had helped the ALP win the Ashford
seat that enabled Labor to form a minority government.
The group dropped 1000 flyers in letterboxes in the Millswood and Clarence Park
area to inform residents of the promise to reopen the station.
Labor backbencher Steph Key held on in Ashford by a narrow margin.
Ms Key has long campaigned for the station to reopen and is working with
 Mr Gasper on a community project to beautify the station.
The station was closed by the Liberal government in 1995 because of poor

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