29 April 2014

Full Council Meeting: 28th April 2014

This meeting was held at Fullarton Park Community Centre.
This month there were three deputations; one for Mary-Rose Alfonsi on Canterbury Tce, one from the Sturt Tennis Club  and the other from the Main Street Association representatives.

The Agenda items include;

  • CEO Performance Review Committee minutes
  • Unley Business and Economic Development minutes;This contains recommendations about the rate levy charged to all businesses on the main streets, the Gourmet Gala, the vacancy rates and the Proposed Main Street Improvement Plan.
  • Sturt Lawn Tennis Club Funding Request for GAP Water;The club had asked for a loan of $5,500 to further progress a connection to the GAP water pipeline. This water would then be metered and  a rate charged for the water from Council rather than SA Water. This could give significant cost savings over time. The motion PASSED as a donation from Council: it is good to see clubs themselves driving the funding and both contributing themselves and seeking outside funding themselves rather than expecting Council to drive the process.
  • Canterbury Tce-Traffic Options; Council staff  recommended that Canterbury Tce stay a two way street, at this time bicycle traffic does not warrant a separate bike path. If approved the tress can be replanted along the fence and the former footpath re-landscaped this financial year. PASSED with some minor changes (I'll write a separate blog)
  • Traffic Study-Forestville;This will now  allow an immediate study of the Forestville traffic woes; these have been exacerbated by the speed cushions in Leah St and the removal of the speed humps in Everard Tce.PASSED
  • King William Rd Pedestrian refuge; This motion calls for the the deferral of the construction of the second pedestrian refuge on King William Rd, near the corner of Arthur St) WITHDRAWN
  • Development of 173 King William Road; A new coffee shop on KWR wishes to have outdoor dining when the footpath is too narrow (according to Council policy) to accommodate this. Approval may be granted if the footpath is clearly marked to allow safe disability access along Opey Ave. I will be hesitating to support this unless smoking is also banned as the diners and pedestrians will be much closer together than would normally be the case. While I managed to get the area as no smoking in the motion the Item was eventually DEFERRED for further investigation.
  • Expiation of Offences Act 1996; Delegations Update;
  • 2014-15 Draft Annual Business Plan for Consultation; The Agenda contains the entire proposed business plan http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Att%202%20Item%201118%20FCM%20April%202014.pdf  
  • Real Property Act and Liquor Licensing Act; Delegations;
  • Braeside and Hackett Reserve projects;This motion called for the Hackett Reserve project to take precedence this financial year  as more money than was budgeted is required for the Braeside Reserve project.PASSED
  • Picket Fencing-Unley Oval;This is a rescission motion to enable public consultation to take place before any  further money is expended on the project. This matter has been raised by Cr Saies. LOST
  • Cat By-law;This motion calls for similar by-laws to be introduced about cats that already exist for dogs.This matter has been raised by Cr Hudson.WITHDRAWN
Questions have also been raised on Brown Hill Creek (rate of flow), Cost for registered postage for development application  notifications (the cost would be $60,000), the waste management contract, the Sturt Football Club's Financial statement(to be answered in May)  and the restoration of the Village Green Artwork (to be answered in May).

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