31 December 2017

A final update for 2017

The recent break in the GAP
pipeline in the South Parklands has caused some headaches for staff. While temporary repairs have seen flow restored to some area an alternate supply will need to be provided to water Goodwood Oval and Forestville Reserve for the next few weeks

Council has won a Smart Cities grant from the Federal Govt  for a technology upgrade/demonstration in Heywood Pk. The intention is to use Heywood Park as a pilot for other key parks and show how smart technology can enhance the area for all users. The concept involves aspects such as smart lighting for pathways and highlighting key features, sensors, smart bins, potentially a charger for electric cars, smart signage, etc. This will add to the Fund My neighbourhood grant for additional play equipment

Tree fellers have been removing a significant number of trees from a property on the corner of Jaffrey St and Greenhill Rd. As all were less than 2 m in diameter no notification was required by the developer. Once again state legislation has let down residents by watering down legislation. Some 5 large trees remain on the site that will need to be approved or refused by the Council Assessment Panel

22 December 2017

Merry Xmas

The Boisvert tree this year

I hope everyone has time to be with their families and to enjoy being with them. Merry Xmas.

20 December 2017

Unley:like a breath of fresh air!

It's good to be reminded about how well things are going as well as the occasional complaint and/or suggestion for improvement. Yesterday as I was walking through a carpark off  Unley Rd a woman a bicycle stopped to chat after yelling out 'Hello Jennie'. This has happened before but not from someone I haven't seen since leaving school. She had recently received her copy of the Unley Life and noticed that I was a councillor earlier in the  week. We had a good chat but not before she assured me that working with Unley  City Council
was like  breath of fresh air compared to...............

A sea of purple

This is just one front garden and verge of many that look absolutely wonderful this year. Don and I have just finished letterboxing our newsletter. Its good to put thoughts on paper occasionally and this allows us to update those that just want a quick catch up.

People pressure won the day.

Yesterday the final decision was released on the so called 'catalyst' sites that John Rau wanted to set aside for immediate high-rise development. Due to enormous public pressure he has decided to not include 301-5 Unley Rd after receiving over 200 representations. Also not included were a site on Norwood Pd, Magill Rd and Mile End. However, he did include the new sites suggested by developers witout any further consultation with residents. I note the site on Anzac Hwy, near KFC, has now been fenced off ready for demolition. This is an enormous site and residents will be lucky if they get to have any say at all.

18 December 2017

How to choose the right bike

Before you join the Tour Down Under you need the right bike! Gain expert tips from Patrick Jonker, former Olympian and Tour Down Under winner. Along with Avanti Plus Unley, we are presenting a practical information session where you will learn about the different styles of bike, what's best for you and what else you need to consider when purchasing a bicycle. For all ages. 

THURSDAY 11 JANUARY, 7 - 8PM      
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online

Demystifying Wills, Estates & the Law

Tackle the mysteries of making your will and discover the ways you can make sure your last requests are handled correctly. 

TUESDAY 9 JANUARY book online 
- Preparing your estate plan - Explaining wills, enduring powers of attorney, and advance care directives
TUESDAY 13 FEBRUARY book online 
- Executors - Who should I appoint & what do they have to do?
TUESDAY 13 MARCH book online 
- Challenging wills - Will disputes and inheritance claims
TUESDAY 10 APRIL book online 
- The dangers of DIY will kits
TUESDAY 8 MAY book online 
- Estate planning for complex/blended families
TUESDAY 12 JUNE book online 
- What is probate & what happens to a family member's estate upon death? 

10.30 - 11.30AM, GOODWOOD LIBRARY 
Free, bookings essential, phone 8372 5100 or book online above. 

14 December 2017


Did you, your family, or your descendants come from afar?  China, Russia, Germany, Italy, Greece, or anywhere else outside of Australia?  WE WANT YOU!
We want to hear about the experiences of migrants to Unley, whether they be your stories or your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, we are eager to paint the picture of Unley through our cosmopolitan community's eyes.  Our great city is a colourful melting pot of culture and we would love to hear from as many people as possible.  We are hoping to share photographs, or mementos that were brought from overseas or handed down through your family and stories to bring our cosmopolitan history to life.
If you would like to be part of this project, which will happen during March and April, or would like more information please contact the Unley Museum by emailing museum@unley.sa.gov.au.

Showtime at the Museum!

Missing the Royal Adelaide Show?  Visit our exhibition Showtime and explore the history of the Royal Adelaide Show, with an Unley twist! See the Ferris wheel model, prize medals, try your had at some show style competitions and design your own showbag!
UNTIL 10 FEBRUARY 2018      

10 December 2017

Council Amagamations : Back in the spotlight

The current boundaries
Today's Sunday Mail today published the results of a community survey that they had undertaken. It shows that 64.7 % of those surveyed preferred a super council for the wider Adelaide area. It then goes on to give both sides of the argument.

People vote for this because they have been led to believe that amalgamations reduce the rates when this has not been shown to be true. Forced amalgamations nearly always leave a very poor taste in the mouths of those most affected. While  Council size of 100,000 people in inner Adelaide may be worth a conversation sometime in the future Greater Brisbane has 1 Councillor representing 42,500 persons (Council size is 1.2million). This is almost as big as all of South Australia, Councillors are full time and Councils are run or party lines. Is this what we want here?  More Liberal,  Labor and even NXT invading Local Government. It is truly independent at the moment and should stay that way.

Full Council meeting; Dec 11th 2017

The following may be of interest:

  • Tree Policy: This changes the Vegetation Management Policy to a Tree Policy. Hopefully, this will be able to better inform staff and result in a overall improvent on tree health and tree canopy.
  • Community Engagement Charter: This Charter hopes that by consulting widely in the planning process that no further consultation should be necessary. This could be true, but only if approval is only guaranteed if it confirms to the guidelines and all else is refused. Given that it is human nature to try to change the rules and exceed the boundaries I believe that consultation should always be allowed at the individual site level.
  • Stormwater Management Authority: This call for the nomination of a Council member or employee to the Authority.
  • Expression of Interest to Host a 2019 Stage / Finish for the Tour Down Under: Wouldn’t irt be good to have a finish instead of a start?
  • Conservation Grants: These have been oversubscribed with the recommendation of proportionally smaller amounts per application for each eligible applicant rather than trying to decide if some were more worthy than others. This points to the fact that the funding Council has made available is way too low.
  • Code of Conduct Report (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Property Acquisition Opportunity (CONFIDENTIAL)

05 December 2017

Watch Around Water

Watch around water encourages the public to be vigilant around water, especially when watching young children. Unley pool is considering creating phone free zones in and around waters in the swimming centre as they are distractive when watching children and barrier to family interaction.  What a great idea.

Ignite Outdoor Cinema

If it warm and dry on Friday evening why not head over to Forestville Reserve with the kids and a blanket to see The Grinch That Stole Christmas. As well as the cinema there will also be markets, food trucks, Santa and twinkly lights. Open from 6pm to enjoy. If you are so inclined you can also have a swim for $1. Wet kids and late cinema doesn't appeal to me but either would be a treat.

03 December 2017

Tree Tags in Parks

 Over Spring/Summer 2017,  Council are using tree tags to highlight the benefits of trees and increase our community’s awareness of the value of trees.

Each tag has information specific to that tree such as its species name, height, ability to remove pollution from the air and more.

There are 80 tags spread across the following six locations:
  • Goodwood Oval - Curzon Avenue, Millswood
  • Page Park - Corner Cross Road and East Avenue, Clarence Park
  • Unley Civic Centre - 181 Unley Road, Unley
  • Heywood Park -  Addiscombe Place, Unley Park
  • Windsor Street Linear Trail - Windsor Street, Fullarton
  • Fullarton Park - Corner Fisher Street and Fullarton Road, Fullarton

Trees receiving the tags were selected with the help of local volunteers. All tags have been printed on 100% recycled plastic materials to ensure they are weatherproof.
What agreat initiative. People are really enjoying them.