10 December 2017

Council Amagamations : Back in the spotlight

The current boundaries
Today's Sunday Mail today published the results of a community survey that they had undertaken. It shows that 64.7 % of those surveyed preferred a super council for the wider Adelaide area. It then goes on to give both sides of the argument.

People vote for this because they have been led to believe that amalgamations reduce the rates when this has not been shown to be true. Forced amalgamations nearly always leave a very poor taste in the mouths of those most affected. While  Council size of 100,000 people in inner Adelaide may be worth a conversation sometime in the future Greater Brisbane has 1 Councillor representing 42,500 persons (Council size is 1.2million). This is almost as big as all of South Australia, Councillors are full time and Councils are run or party lines. Is this what we want here?  More Liberal,  Labor and even NXT invading Local Government. It is truly independent at the moment and should stay that way.


  1. Very good point about party dominated local government in eastern state. We need to make sure that doesn't happen here.

  2. agree in full!