30 May 2014

Reconciliation in Unley

This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Unley City event as both a Councillor and teacher. My students this year decided to create a reconciliation art work that could be completed at the community event. To see the students from St Spyridons', Goodwood, Unley , Mitcham Girls and Urrbrae working together to add hand prints to the art work was fantastic. This was then followed by a performance by Robert Taylor who engaged the students in his introduction to some aspects of traditional culture. I took lots of photos and will upload them tomorrow. When the art work is complete it will hang at the Council  for several weeks while we decide what to do with it. I was impressed with my students commitment ( all of them Aboriginal) and also the ability of the  Mitcham girls to help collect the hand prints.

29 May 2014

Good News for Millswood Station

Those week John Gasper, from the Reopen Millswood Station group, met with Brian Green from DPTI sat Millswood Station to discuss  it's re opening. Clearly this won't be happening on the 1st July. In fact this is the earliest date that funds could be released for the project. Despite promises that the works had already been funded this is not the case, the funding will be part of the state governments budget for 2014/15.
Brian outlined the Scope of Works that had been prepared and that they basically cover all the DDA (disability and discrimination) requirements. They will be widening and raising the platform by 400 mm, upgrade the lighting (to 40 lux) and replace the existing shelter with a new one. A Hearing Loop and 2 ramps will also be made to comply.
The work will take 10-12 weeks to complete after the contract has been let. This would look like it will be opened by about November.
They also discussed  a clean up of the triangle of land that adjoins the station on Goodwood Rd, new signage, timetables and a community event to celebrate the opening of the station.  
This is very promising news.

Forestville Reserve Biodiversity Event

Thursday 22 May 2014
International Day for Biological Diversity
On Thursday May 22 community members
including over 60 children from Black Forest
and Goodwood Primary Schools celebrated
International Day for Biological Diversity at
Forestville Reserve.
On the day more than 1,000 native plants
were planted and over 30 nest boxes were
built and taken away by the builders to be
used on their property.
Thank you to FauNature, Project Green, the
Urban Forests Biodiversity Unit, the
Department of Planning, Transport and
Infrastructure and Unley Council staff for
making the event such a success.

27 May 2014

Full Council Meeting May 26th 2014

 Deputations this week were heard form Solomon Farah (173 King William Rd) and  Tom Hester (Brown Hill Creek).
We will then debate the deferred items;
  • 173 King William Rd; Outdoor dining; this is to once again look at the provision of outdoor dining where the footpath is perceived to be too narrow to allow legal pedestrian passage PASSED as a 12 month trial.
  • Proposed changes to the road reserve -King William Rd; non compliance of a building. PASSED
We then debated;
  • Local Area Traffic Management Prioritisation; This suggested an order in which to tackle the rest of the City. We have already approved doing the area north of the tram line. The others are now listed in order of perceived need. The next area will now be what has been known as Precinct J (mostly Goodwood east of Goodwood Rd). As Cr Tipper so accurately stated this has now been waiting for 19 years. PASSED
  • Residential On-Street Parking Policy Review; This describes the conditions that would enable certain areas to be set apart as resident only use, shared with others or for general use. It tries to grapple with Council intention to not make available any onstreet permits for homes built after Nov 2013. While this is a minor issue now, with the prospect of apartments being build with inadequate parking the matter could divide the community in the future if hundreds of residents in apartment buildings could apply for parking permits. PASSEd with some minor changes.
  • Service Improvement Programme;PASSED
  • Section 41 Meeting procedures;This suggests Council makes no changes at the moment but does call for expressions of interest for Independents who may wish to sit on committees after the election in November.PASSED
  • King William Rd Pedestrian Refuge:  The second proposed pedestrian refuge will be deferred for 12 months. PASED
  • Brown Hill Creek Update: Their were many interested residents sitting in the gallery for this one. The most recent report was endorsed. This report outlines the feedback from creek owners about the clearing and/or widening of the creek bed. Surprisingly many owners were unaware that it was their personal responsibility to keep the creek clear of obstructions. Further investigations will now include the feasibility and costing of a dam. PASSED
  • Centennial Park Budget (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Land Encroachment (CONFIDENTIAL)
  • Tree Damage (CONFIDENTIAL)

Vision for Unley Precinct

The article above describes a vision for Unley Rd (in the shopping Centre precinct) that many of you will find interesting. I checked the comments this morning to find very few people had expressed an opinion either way. Council has been working on this to accommodate high rise development (approved to 5 stories earlier this year), increased population, the state government's desire to reinstate a tram service and a definite need to revitalise.  This will go to public consultation in the near future.

25 May 2014

Smoking reduction

You may all have read this week that the state government is tightening the legislation to ensure no smoking in outdoor dining areas by 2016. Well done. In the currently being developed Health and Well-being Plan for Unley it suggests that Unley endeavour to reduce smoking from it's current 18% to 10%. While I think that smoking will never be at a zero level I think this is what we should all be aiming for if we want our community to be healthy. I remember my first teaching placement when the smoking rate was well over 50% and every time I tried to get some change the vote always went the smokers way; I simply stopped attending those meetings when the first person lit up a cigarette. Even in 1995, when I was first elected, Councillors smoked in the meeting area at the conclusion of the meeting. And so began my long crusade as I realised that leaving the meeting was no longer an option.
Can it be policed? Of course  it can if the police have the will to do so.
Do they police actively most laws? Probably not but the vast majority of us choose not to break the law  and change our behaviour accordingly.

24 May 2014

Walking the Line with Steph Key

This morning Don and I are walked along the railway line with Steph Key, starting and finishing at Emerson Rd. We hope to be able to list and point out the outstanding issues that still need to be fixed as well as acknowledge what work Council still needs to do and give the accolades where they are due. Hopefully, ensuring that these can be drawn to the notice of DPTI and Council staff and gradually deleted from the list as each is remedied. This is the DPTI list:
Inconsistent finishes for fencing
Graffiti management
Weed management
Ensuring site lines are clear for cyclists ( Emerson Rd)
A light pole being held up by sandbags
Some tree stumps that need removing
Beautification of the Clarence Park Station
Reinstatement of the childproof gates at Clarence Park Station
Two fences that still need to be replaced, they are unsightly and unsafe
Poor finishes on the Chelmsford Ave screen
Traffic management in Lyons Pde
The Goodwood Station underpass
The disposal of land in Devon St
Cranbrook Ave needs the black spear fencing replaced by corrugated iron ( to match the existing) to at least the height of the gate
The lattice screen in Arundel Ave is already breaking and needs immediate repair or a replacement lattice, as that installed is unsuitable
The culvert along along Arundel Ave has a pipe in it that is too small for the job it is supposed to do
A screen needs to be erected at the southern end of Arundel Ave ( the passing loop was moved)
The wire fence along the freight train needs to be replaced between the Arundel Xing and Goodwood Rd
Sound monitoring should continue to occur and remedial action taken if necessary ( I understand this is now being done).

Council stills needs to;
Repair some streets and footpaths
Public art at crucial points along the line
Cyclist and pedestrian safety at the walkway between Cranbrook and Victoria.
Complete the landscaping (all of this is now funded either for this financial year or next.
Source funds from DPTI to do this and for future dilapidation caused by the project

 The purple dots are missing and it looks good
Accolades go to ;
Sound monitoring ready to go so that further action can be taken as required
The mural for the entire tram overpass structure ready to go to tender
Just near the overpass, what one
  enterprising person has achieved

If I have forgotten anything then please let me know so I can added it to the list.

23 May 2014

Reconciliation Week from 27 May - 3 June 2014

The City of Unley is acknowledging Reconciliation Week 2014 (May 27-June 3) at Heywood Park on Fri May 30 at 10am.
Indigenous representatives, local schools and the wider community will come together to further the process of reconciliation. The national theme of Let's Walk the Talk will be the focus of this significant event. All welcome to attend.
In the case of inclement weather, the event will be held at the Town Hall, Oxford Terrace, Unley.
 For more information please contact Matthew at mives@unley.sa.gov.au.

Walkway closed

Due to safety concerns the walkway in the Goodwood Rd underpass has been closed. Concrete falling onto Goodwood Rd  has triggered an assessment of the safety of the structure. It will be closed while further assessment takes place and remedial action determined.

21 May 2014

Flood measures

The following letter to the Editor appeared in this weeks Messenger, but not in the eastern Courier. Mr Pearce's point is well made and many Unley residents would appreciate his anger and concern. I keep hearing the phrase that all Councils agreed to pursue a no dam solution, initially by using culverts and more recently investigating both clearing the creek bed and widening the creek bed. Councils only agreed to one final alternate solution to be investigated. This debate has gone on for too long and needs to be resolved and funded as soon as practicable

Flood measures 
Mitcham & Hills Messenger, Adelaide 
 LAST week, Mr Bellchambers of the "No Dams" group responded to Mr Mossel's letter, regarding downstream flood measures. Let us examine the two correspondents.
 Mr Bellchambers is one of 10 households living within 1km of any proposed dam.
 (These are never threatened by flooding.) Mr Mossel, on the other hand, is one of 6921 families that live under constant threat of flooding downstream.
 Antagonism to the "no dams" position is strong.
 People see injustice: the viewing preference of the few putting 20,000 downstream citizens at risk.
Why block the engineering solution of choice - Ellison Flood Control Dam (tucked around a corner, hidden from view, on degraded agricultural land)?
 Mr Bellchambers is mistaken: five councils rubberstamped recommendations by permanent council staff.The basis for these recomendations (underpinned by a "cheap" criterion) should be released to the hundreds of property owners (facing eight-metre easements, garden destruction, concrete linings and property devaluation) to scrutinise the basis of their victimisation.
The "No Dams" group are silent on environmental degradation that will decimate kilometres of creek channels, causing loss/dieback of mature trees (to substitute for eliminating floodcontrol dams). Furthermore, urban contribution to flooding is dwarfed by the creek's upper catchment run-off, a run-off managed by the Ellison Flood-Control Dam.
Flood control at the source makes sense.Are flood control dams new? The Sturt Gorge dam has been providing flood protection to Marion citizens for 50 years with minimal maintenance. ......

 TOM PEARCE, Brownhill Socket Save Our Creeks Environs Trees 

20 May 2014

Two new plans to have a look at.

Two exciting new policies were discussed at last night's Community and Culture meeting.
The first is the Public Health and Wellbeing Plan strategy; see the link below;


The second is the new Public Arts Strategy
They should be endorsed by Council next week and be ready for consultation soon after that. Take the time to read them now and make comment if you wish.

Snouts in the trough!

Yesterday's newspaper article has certainly attracted some attention from people this week.  Unley serves a meal before Council meetings and a light meal before briefings and committee meetings. The catering for this is currently under review, this was initially  due to the food served being so awful rather than an attempt to save money. However, I now understand that cost will be a factor when deciding what to do in the future. Most Councillors have had busy days at work before coming to meetings and often insufficient time to have a meal between finishing work and meetings. I often leave work at 4:45 to get to a briefing at 5:30 that is then followed with a meeting at 6:30 or 7:00. Suggesting that a few jelly beans will do the trick when the meeting is not likely to finish before 10:00 and could go to midnight is a poor argument. Even comparing Councillors to Ronald Reagan is a worry!! Of-course, we could encourage only those who don't work to be Councillors, they could have time to prepare and eat a meal before they arrive. But if we want diversity among our Councillors then this will be one way of ensuring it doesn't happen !

19 May 2014

May 22nd is looming!

Residents have until 5pm on Thursday the 22nd May to ensure they have 'Had Their Say' on the proposed changes to planning zones in Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave). It is just as important to tell Council, and ultimately the state government, what you like about and what you don't. Some residents will be pleased that the minimum site area has increased and so reduced the opportunity for 2 for 1 development while others have mixed emotions about the reduction in the site areas from 350 square metres to 300. However, the potential for up to 5 stories nearer perceived public transport nodes would see large scale changes over time. you can reach the survey on line at http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa   or take your time and write from the heart what you feel about the proposals. For me to get support from my Co-councillors to change the boundaries of the proposed areas I must have the evidence from you in writing.

18 May 2014

Learning For Earning is seeking your local business support

The City of Unley is currently looking for local businesses to participate in our very successful Learning For Earning program.
Learning for  Earning, delivered by Workskil, aims to connect young people with the local business community, creating pathways to employment through training and work experience.
Learning For Earning provides 2 days of accredited Barista and Customer Service training followed by 3 days of work experience in a local cafĂ© or restaurant.  We are currently looking for businesses to participate in the next program, coming up on June 4, 5 & 6.  Businesses receive support from Workskil staff who will attend the work place regularly to ensure on-going support to the business owner and young person.
The City of Unley will acknowledge your support of Learning For Earning on the Unley Youth Facebook page.

Walk Safely to School Day 2014

With just two weeks to go, primary school aged children across Australia are gearing up to take those important steps towards a healthier future by participating in National Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 23 May 2014.

National Walk Safely to School Day aims to encourage children to lead more active lifestyles. Also, it focuses on improving diets, positive environmental action, better use of public transport with reduces car-dependency and important road safety messages.
For more information, please click here.

How do Unley's rates compare?

The LGA has recently compiled a list showing the Council rates increases from 2004 to 2014. The certainly have increased  to a greater extent than CPI. However, Unley compares very favourably to other Councils. In the last ten years Unley's revenue (rates plus grants and fees ) have increased by 51.6%. Comparable Councils have shown an increase of up to 97%.(Playford). Our nearer neighbours have increased by; Burnside 53%, Mitcham 62%, Norwood 72%, Adelaide 67% and Marion 73%. I believe the Advertiser will do a story on this in the near future, it will be interesting to read their take on it.

16 May 2014

New Exhibition Coming Soon to Hughes Gallery

New Exhibition Coming Soon to Hughes Gallery

Forte 4 Art
24 May – 13 June 2014

Friday 23 May, 6.30-9pm

Exhibition of artwork by
Colleen Tilbrook & Sharmaine Valente

Creating semi-abstract, Australiana, landscapes, rustic seascapes and still-lifes, these artists aim to transform spaces with their work. They trace journeys through life, reflecting their emotions, lifestyles and interests.

Fullarton Park Centre
411 Fullarton Road
Fullarton SA 5063
Ph 8372 5180

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 10am-4pm, weekends as advertised

Mural for Tram Overpass

Tenders are about to be called to create a mural or series of murals for the tram overpass. This is being jointly funded by DPTI. Hopefully, this will enhance the public space around the tram overpass as well as reducing the constant graffiti attacks on the structure. I am looking forward to seeing the proposed designs and the completion of the work. Residents living near the structure will be notified of the project.

13 May 2014

Development Plan Notification Slip Up!

Unley staff have have recognised an oversight this week in that they failed to notify some 500 residences that they were bordering an area that was to be rezoned. While nearly all of Black Forest and some of Clarence Park did receive letters as both their own and adjoining area were to see a change in planning this was not the case just north of the tram line. I believe there may be some properties on East Ave that were not notified. These individuals will be sent a letter this week apologising for the oversight and allowing them an additional eight days to respond. The closing date for these will be now May 30th.
Can I remind everyone else that the letters need to be written and at Council by the 22nd May. You can respond on line if you wish at; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa . The more letters the better. Remember, if you do not reply then what is proposed will happen, if you reply then there may be some change possible.

Bin Tagging

What a great initiative!!

In accordance with Council Waste Management Strategy (2013-2017) and Council overall objective to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill,  they are undertaking a ‘Recycle Right’ bin tagging campaign which lets residents know if they are recycling correctly or if they need further understanding of what can and cannot be recycled. 

There are many benefits associated with recycling right. 

·       Diverting materials away from landfill
·       Saving water and energy
·       Helping conserve non-renewable resources
·       Saving on the cost of materials unnecessarily going to landfill
·       Reducing contamination

A recent audit showed that 53% of the waste bin contents were compostable and 13% recyclable. 

Contamination in the recycling and green organics bins ranged from materials placed in plastic bags (not loose), entire watering systems, miscellaneous and industrial metal, and materials that could have been given to charity. (For example: good quality items, textiles, DVDs and toys).  

Whilst contamination in the organics bins was relatively low there was very little food waste evident – meaning, a high volume of food is still being placed in the waste bin.

Currently, the City of Unley pays $39 per tonne for processing recyclables, $32 for processing organics and $97 per tonne for waste to landfill.   Placing items in the right bin can increase diversion from landfill and reduce costs.

Active engagement (tagging) phase
The ‘Recycle Right’ campaign involves a series of fortnightly recycling and organics bin inspections.  For 2 to 4 fortnights in a row, a team of 2 will inspect all waste, recycling & organics bins presented for collection. Tags will be used to represent their findings.

Commencing 22 May 2014, approximately 300 visual inspections will be conducted across 150 homes in Parkside across two recycling collections and 150 homes in Forestville across the two organics collections.

Data of the bin tagging program will be promoted via Council’s quarterly magazine, Unley Life, and updates on Council’s website.

Do the ‘Right Bin’ to win
As an incentive, and to attract attention of the householder, a $90 gift card & Kitchen Caddy prize will be awarded each week to a randomly chosen property whose bin is found to contain no contamination.

Cats and Dogs

There seems to have been a lot of media coverage about nothing in the last few days. While Cr Hudson did have a Notice of Motion about cats in the April Council Agenda he withdrew the motion without debate. This was to allow the staff to investigate the matter and make a recommendation to Council. Most recently this has resulted in an email from a member of the community who has bothered to respond to a beat up about nothing. While media play an important role in getting interesting items into the public arena and raising interest in local government issues this one has gone on for too long. When the matter is debated at Council I'm sure it will be followed with interest. The proposal was to have been for more control of cats but still not as extensive as the by-law that already exists in Mitcham that hardly raises an eyebrow.

12 May 2014

Forestville Reserve Biodiversity Event Thursday 22 May

Forestville Reserve 
Biodiversity Event
Thursday 22 May
International Day for Biological Diversity
Community Event

Date: Thursday, 22 May 2014

Venue: Forestville Reserve

Time: 10am – 2pm

Activities on the day include nest box building,
planting native plants and biodiversity talks.

Please register your interest in participating in the
event by contacting Scott Douglas on 8372 5118
or sdouglas@unley.sa.gov.au

11 May 2014

FREE KESAB Beyond the Kerb Tour

FREE KESAB Beyond the Kerb Tour

The City of Unley and KESAB environmental solutions offer residents, and members of community groups in Unley, a fascinating FREE bus tour to visit the places your recyclables and ‘waste’ materials are taken after collection from your kerbside.
There are a limited number of seats left for the next tour.
When: Thursday 15th May
Departing:  Goodwood Library and Community Centre Car park (32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood)
Duration: 9:00am to 3.15pm approx.      
Sites visited include: E-cycle Recovery (electronics recyclers), Integrated Waste Services (landfill transfer station), VISY Recycling (yellow lidded bin – co mingled recycling), Adelaide Resource Recovery (construction and demolition materials), and Jeffries (receiving yard and composting facility).
Seats are limited and bookings are essential. Please RSVP ASAP if you, or members of your group, are interested in attending.

How Many Councillors?

How many Councillors does it take to make a good decision? This week Kay Mosley, electoral commissioner, suggested that she was about to suggest change to legislation so that the electoral commission   (or a body selected by them ) could be called upon to decide how many Councilors would be allowed in each Council. This comes directly after Unley Council going through an extensive process to decide if the 12 Councillors that we currently have should be retained. However, she is likely to have left her run too late and not be able to achieve any change befor the election later this year. If that is the case then one wonders why she would bother at this time. This comes after calls for Councillors to get increased pay and to try to increase voter turnout by doing everything except the obvious ( may voting compulsory). Currently Don and I represent about 6,000 voters living in about 2,500 homes in Goodwood South. The work load created by this is manageable within the 15-20 hours I give each week to Council. Any larger area represented logically would take mare time and require a higher remuneration. Can 6 people make as good a decision as 12, as suggested by Cr Saies this week? I don't think so: by the same token a Council with 15 or 21  members could take hours to make a decision on any one issue if everyone wanted to speak!

09 May 2014

FREE Environmentally Friendly Gardening Workshops!

The City of Unley is providing FREE environmentally friendly gardening
Experts on composting, chemical free pest management and worm farms will show you how to establish and maintain you own environmentally friendly garden.
Where: Fern Avenue Community Garden
 18/20 Fern Avenue, Fullarton
When: 10.00 am to 1.30 pm, Sunday 25th May
Bookings are not required. For more information, contact Kerrie at KESAB environmental solutions
on 8234 7255 or email kerrie@kesab.asn.au

Program for Sunday 25th May
 10.00 am Chemical Free Pest Control with Harry Harrison
 Dr David ‘Harry’ Harrison is an experienced gardener with a science background and an interest in
 biodiversity. He is also President of the Rare Fruit Society. Harry will present a workshop on
 chemical-free pest management to help you achieve an organic, chemical-free garden.
 11.00 am Composting Systems with Alan Shepard
Alan Shepard is an advocate for sustainable gardening and will present a practical
workshop on composting and how to establish and maintain a healthy compost system.
 12.00pm Lunch | Baked Potatoes, soup, coffee, and cake

 12.30 pm Worm Farm Systems with Alan Shepard.  Alan Shepard will present a practical workshop on worm farms, including different ways to set up a worm farm, such as plastic trays, polystyrene boxes, and worm towers.

08 May 2014

Community Spirit

Interesting article in this morning's Advertiser. It seems that a recent study, conducted by the State Government, and released today claims that community involvement has increased from 29% in 2007 to 40% in 2013. Most people become involved by contacting their Councils or signing petitions. While this may reflect a greater effort by Councils to involve the community in decision making it may just be that more people are older and have a bit more free time on their hands: I'm hoping it is not the latter. What they found was;
84% people feel safe in their own community
97% of people like where they live
88% rated their neighbours as friendly and helpful.

07 May 2014

How long does it take to fix a pothole?

At our last Ward briefing on April 17th Don and I reminded staff again of the pot holes in East Ave that needed repair. These potholes have largely been caused by the excessive use of East Ave by DPTI contractors during the construction of the Goodwood Junction project. Residents have also commented on the size of the holes in recent weeks. East Ave is to be resealed in the next financial year (I believe at DPTI's expense), but these holes must be repaired immediately before someone is injured. They are extremely dangerous in their current condition.


The following article appeared in this week's Eastern Courier. As far as I am aware Unley has not made a submission. I wrote my own last time and was happy with the outcome. It does, however, raise some interesting points for discussion.
One of the unknowns for members of the public is how much additional money is paid to Councillors as well as the allowance. Unley Councillors receive addition sitting fees for chairing committees, sitting on the Development Assessment Panel, sitting as Centennial Park Board members and for being on various Boards as Local Government Association representatives. For some individuals this might increase the stipend significantly.

No support for rises
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide  by Meagan Dillon
 07 May 2014



 EASTERN councils do not support an Adelaide City Council bid for their allowances to be raised by at least 60 per cent, boosting councillors' pay to about $25,000 and $100,000 for mayors.

 Norwood, Payneham & St Peters and Unley councils say the current allowance $15,500 for councillors and $62,000 for mayors - is sufficient. NP&SP Mayor Robert Bria said there were more important issues in the community needing attention. "From my perspective, I have never measured my workload against the mayoral allowance," Mr Bria said.
 Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne agreed, saying elected members should not stand if they were there for money. He said anyone standing in elections should be passionate about the community.
 Burnside Council Mayor David Parkin declined to comment.
 Campbelltown Mayor Simon Brewer said each council should be responsible for determining the pay packet for elected members."The thing I hate about the system is the total absence of accountability within it," Mr Brewer said.
Prospect chief executive Mark Goldstone said the sitting fees for government-appointed committees, such as the Adelaide Festival Corporation Board, should be considered. He said the "breadth and depth" of the responsibilities of elected members were larger than many government committees. Government committee fees can range from $12,000-$35,000, depending on their assets and revenue.
 In its submission, Mitcham Council calls for a sitting fee arrangement after Cr Yvonne Poland missed 34 of 40 full council meetings since July 2012, at a cost to ratepayers of at least $6000 per sitting attended.
Tea Tree Gully Council said allowances should be sufficient to attract working parents and younger people to run for council. 

06 May 2014

Draft Business Plan 2014/15

Please take the time to read the documents at the links below. The first will take you to the Council Report the second to the Draft Business Plan. These set out the way that Council intends to spend your money paid as rates and how much those rates will be. After reading the information please take the time to tell Council what you think. If you think the rates are too high what should be removed? If you think they are too low what more could be done? No decision has been made by Council at this time and will not be until after consultation has been completed. The rate rise is likey to be 4.95%.



The 2014-15 Draft Annual Business Plan is presented in the context of strategic
directions for the City that have been endorsed by Council. The Plan reflects
Council’s continuing focus on ensuring that the physical infrastructure of the City is fit
for use and maintained in a cost effective fashion.
With implementation of this year’s Annual Business Plan, Council aims to deliver a
well-managed, sustainable environment for current and future generations of
residents and ratepayers.
The City of Unley is seeking your input to the development process of this budget
through a public consultation process.
The process provides you with the opportunity to have your say on the level of
service and the activities undertaken by Council before the final budget is adopted in
June 2014.
We encourage you to take part and we look forward to your input.
You can make a submission by:
Visiting Your Say Unley on the council’s website at: www.unley.sa.gov.au
Writing a submission and sending it to: 2014-15 Budget Consultation
City of Unley
PO Box 1
Unley SA 5061
Emailing your submission to: pobox1@unley.sa.gov.au

You are also invited to attend a community information session on
28 May 2013 at 5.30 pm
in the Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street Goodwood.

04 May 2014

Spend May Doing History

At  the Unley Museum for history month you could do any of the following;
Purchasing Heywood Park One Pound  at a Time Exhibition; from Sunday 4th May (1:30pm to 4:30pm; Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday (10am to 4:30pm)
Why Muriel Matters; Francis Bedford will talk about one suffragettes story: Monday May 12th, 7pm to 8pm
Behind Closed Doors; enjoy a cuppa while inspecting some of Unley's interesting old objects: Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st May 11:30am to1pm
Historic Unley Guided Walks; walk the newest historic trail with the Friends of the  Unley Museum; Wednesday 21st May (1pm to 2:30pm) and Sunday 25th May (1:30pm to 3pm)
Pint at the Old Zoo; Buy a drink at the Cremorne Hotel; Sunday 25th May,12:30pm to 1:30pm.
Bookings are essential 83725117

03 May 2014

Unley Life

Saw these in this week's eastern Courier;
Tuesday 20th May (10am -11am) at the Unley Community Centre, $3 with a selection of slices, biscuits and scones. Book at 83725128
Only 6 students per class
Browsing the Internet (4 hours over 2 days)
Wed 7th and Fri 9th May 10:30am to 12:30pm
Email Made Easy (4 hours over 2 days)
Wed 21st and 28th May 1:30pm-3:30pm
Book at 83725111  Both cost $20 each

02 May 2014

Reminders for this week:

Reminders for this weekend;
  • Mother's Day market at the Scout and Guide Hall in Frederick St, 11am to 3pm Sunday 4th May
  • Microchipping available at the Village Green;11am to 2pm Sunday May 4th

Millswood Station Will Reopen

A letter to the Eastern Courier Messenger this week from Stephen Mulligan, Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, has confirmed the government's commitment to reopen Millswood Station. This is very pleasing as their prolonged silence was beginning to look like that a rescission might be under consideration. I look forward to working with the Council and Minister to bring about a timely reopening of the station. Hopefully, it will be looking much better than its current state in the near future.

01 May 2014

Commuters to Pay

The following is an extract from Channel 10. Late last year Council decided to reduce the congestion in some streets close to the tram by  installing parking meters that would allow for 4 hour paid parking for as little as a $1 per hour. The free tram from South Tce has made it cheap and easy to get into the city; you park, walk across the parklands and then get on a free tram- as far as the Entertainment Centre. If residents are happy should Council be concerned about complaints from people living further south who could have just as easily paid to catch a bus a lot closer to home?

Commuters parking before catching trams will have to pay an Unley Council fee. Local residents want carpark congestion to end. The trial will charge up to $4 per day in streets in Wayville and Goodwood. The Council sent a letter to residents blaming Adelaide City Council for reducing parking spaces in the city, along with the State Government's proposed parking levy. The Government says it will monitor the plan in case it deters people from using public transport.

Micro Chipping Day 4th May

City of Unley 
Micro Chipping Day
Village Green, Oxford Tce, Unley 
Sunday 4 May, 11am to 2pm

Come along and have your dog or cat
micro chipped by a qualified Vet for
only $25.00

  • Meet Dog Obedience Trainers for tips and advice
  • Learn about Lost Dogs of Adelaide
  • Visit the interactive Dog and Cat Management Board Trailer
  • Speak with Council’s Ranger and staff about pets and the Law

*Dogs must be on a lead and cats must be in a secured cage at all times during this event.