24 May 2014

Walking the Line with Steph Key

This morning Don and I are walked along the railway line with Steph Key, starting and finishing at Emerson Rd. We hope to be able to list and point out the outstanding issues that still need to be fixed as well as acknowledge what work Council still needs to do and give the accolades where they are due. Hopefully, ensuring that these can be drawn to the notice of DPTI and Council staff and gradually deleted from the list as each is remedied. This is the DPTI list:
Inconsistent finishes for fencing
Graffiti management
Weed management
Ensuring site lines are clear for cyclists ( Emerson Rd)
A light pole being held up by sandbags
Some tree stumps that need removing
Beautification of the Clarence Park Station
Reinstatement of the childproof gates at Clarence Park Station
Two fences that still need to be replaced, they are unsightly and unsafe
Poor finishes on the Chelmsford Ave screen
Traffic management in Lyons Pde
The Goodwood Station underpass
The disposal of land in Devon St
Cranbrook Ave needs the black spear fencing replaced by corrugated iron ( to match the existing) to at least the height of the gate
The lattice screen in Arundel Ave is already breaking and needs immediate repair or a replacement lattice, as that installed is unsuitable
The culvert along along Arundel Ave has a pipe in it that is too small for the job it is supposed to do
A screen needs to be erected at the southern end of Arundel Ave ( the passing loop was moved)
The wire fence along the freight train needs to be replaced between the Arundel Xing and Goodwood Rd
Sound monitoring should continue to occur and remedial action taken if necessary ( I understand this is now being done).

Council stills needs to;
Repair some streets and footpaths
Public art at crucial points along the line
Cyclist and pedestrian safety at the walkway between Cranbrook and Victoria.
Complete the landscaping (all of this is now funded either for this financial year or next.
Source funds from DPTI to do this and for future dilapidation caused by the project

 The purple dots are missing and it looks good
Accolades go to ;
Sound monitoring ready to go so that further action can be taken as required
The mural for the entire tram overpass structure ready to go to tender
Just near the overpass, what one
  enterprising person has achieved

If I have forgotten anything then please let me know so I can added it to the list.

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