23 May 2014

Walkway closed

Due to safety concerns the walkway in the Goodwood Rd underpass has been closed. Concrete falling onto Goodwood Rd  has triggered an assessment of the safety of the structure. It will be closed while further assessment takes place and remedial action determined.


  1. This is not good news. This pathway is used by a lot of cyclists, school children and pedestrians. Walking to pedestrian crossings to the north or south is a big detour if you are on foot. I hope children don't take a shortcut and try and cross Goodwood Rd near the underpass. Hopefully this can be reopened asap. If you can keep us updated that would be great.

  2. How are people west of Goodwood Rd.supposed to get to the dog park? Trains can use the bridge but people can't! Where is the logic in that?