20 May 2014

Snouts in the trough!

Yesterday's newspaper article has certainly attracted some attention from people this week.  Unley serves a meal before Council meetings and a light meal before briefings and committee meetings. The catering for this is currently under review, this was initially  due to the food served being so awful rather than an attempt to save money. However, I now understand that cost will be a factor when deciding what to do in the future. Most Councillors have had busy days at work before coming to meetings and often insufficient time to have a meal between finishing work and meetings. I often leave work at 4:45 to get to a briefing at 5:30 that is then followed with a meeting at 6:30 or 7:00. Suggesting that a few jelly beans will do the trick when the meeting is not likely to finish before 10:00 and could go to midnight is a poor argument. Even comparing Councillors to Ronald Reagan is a worry!! Of-course, we could encourage only those who don't work to be Councillors, they could have time to prepare and eat a meal before they arrive. But if we want diversity among our Councillors then this will be one way of ensuring it doesn't happen !


  1. Cr Bob Schnell21 May, 2014 12:38

    I stick by my initiative to have 2 loaves of bread and a modest plate of assorted stuff to make sandwiches. It would be perfectly adequate and a fraction of the cost. Recently I donated to Unley Council a jar of pickled onions and a jar of Spring Gully gherkins to be used on sandwich night.
    By the way, I have noticed some of our retired Councillors do not get a meal at home - or they opt out for something a bit different at Council.
    I support the move to a simpler and less costly style of catering.
    I could survive with a Vegemite sandwich - all the better with a lettuce leaf.

  2. While I am sure I could survive on a Vegemite sandwich, after all it is what I always eat for lunch, I don't think my decision making would be as sharp as they are now. Some might think this a blessing but others, especially the community, seem to value the decisions I make more often than not.