13 May 2014

Development Plan Notification Slip Up!

Unley staff have have recognised an oversight this week in that they failed to notify some 500 residences that they were bordering an area that was to be rezoned. While nearly all of Black Forest and some of Clarence Park did receive letters as both their own and adjoining area were to see a change in planning this was not the case just north of the tram line. I believe there may be some properties on East Ave that were not notified. These individuals will be sent a letter this week apologising for the oversight and allowing them an additional eight days to respond. The closing date for these will be now May 30th.
Can I remind everyone else that the letters need to be written and at Council by the 22nd May. You can respond on line if you wish at; http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa . The more letters the better. Remember, if you do not reply then what is proposed will happen, if you reply then there may be some change possible.

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