29 May 2014

Good News for Millswood Station

Those week John Gasper, from the Reopen Millswood Station group, met with Brian Green from DPTI sat Millswood Station to discuss  it's re opening. Clearly this won't be happening on the 1st July. In fact this is the earliest date that funds could be released for the project. Despite promises that the works had already been funded this is not the case, the funding will be part of the state governments budget for 2014/15.
Brian outlined the Scope of Works that had been prepared and that they basically cover all the DDA (disability and discrimination) requirements. They will be widening and raising the platform by 400 mm, upgrade the lighting (to 40 lux) and replace the existing shelter with a new one. A Hearing Loop and 2 ramps will also be made to comply.
The work will take 10-12 weeks to complete after the contract has been let. This would look like it will be opened by about November.
They also discussed  a clean up of the triangle of land that adjoins the station on Goodwood Rd, new signage, timetables and a community event to celebrate the opening of the station.  
This is very promising news.

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell01 June, 2014 00:42

    With all this work planned, it looks like the station will be there for keeps ie. the Government intends to keep it open.
    It's a lot of money and effort for a 12 months trial.