19 May 2014

May 22nd is looming!

Residents have until 5pm on Thursday the 22nd May to ensure they have 'Had Their Say' on the proposed changes to planning zones in Black Forest and Clarence Park (west of East Ave). It is just as important to tell Council, and ultimately the state government, what you like about and what you don't. Some residents will be pleased that the minimum site area has increased and so reduced the opportunity for 2 for 1 development while others have mixed emotions about the reduction in the site areas from 350 square metres to 300. However, the potential for up to 5 stories nearer perceived public transport nodes would see large scale changes over time. you can reach the survey on line at http://yoursay.unley.sa.gov.au/residential-dpa   or take your time and write from the heart what you feel about the proposals. For me to get support from my Co-councillors to change the boundaries of the proposed areas I must have the evidence from you in writing.

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