25 May 2014

Smoking reduction

You may all have read this week that the state government is tightening the legislation to ensure no smoking in outdoor dining areas by 2016. Well done. In the currently being developed Health and Well-being Plan for Unley it suggests that Unley endeavour to reduce smoking from it's current 18% to 10%. While I think that smoking will never be at a zero level I think this is what we should all be aiming for if we want our community to be healthy. I remember my first teaching placement when the smoking rate was well over 50% and every time I tried to get some change the vote always went the smokers way; I simply stopped attending those meetings when the first person lit up a cigarette. Even in 1995, when I was first elected, Councillors smoked in the meeting area at the conclusion of the meeting. And so began my long crusade as I realised that leaving the meeting was no longer an option.
Can it be policed? Of course  it can if the police have the will to do so.
Do they police actively most laws? Probably not but the vast majority of us choose not to break the law  and change our behaviour accordingly.


  1. I think zero %, or at least very close to is possible. I'd be interested in hearing your opinions on electronic cigarettes, it appears that many Governments around the world are banning them, or at least trying to. They have worked very well for me in quitting the cancer causing traditional cigarettes and I no long smell or effect those around me.


  2. It would seem the jury, is out on if these devices are good or bad. I have a fiend that has started using one and limits herself to the amount and time she spends 'smoking'. She is saving a lot of money and likes the way she smells now. However, if cigarette companies are promoting them then they can't be good!