29 August 2012

Princess Margaret Playground; Have your Say.

Princess Margaret Playground - Minor upgrades

Your feedback on the proposed new play equipment or shelter is sought.
You will have to open the file to see the examples.
To provide your comments, click on https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZBDLM72
The closing date for responses is Friday, 14 September 2012.
For further information phone 8372 5424.

Conservation grants

Conservation Grants Now Open for Applications

The City of Unley Conservation Grant assists owners of ‘significant’ trees and heritage buildings and items to preserve them in a ‘safe and aesthetically pleasing condition’.
Grants may be allocated for up to 50% of the total cost of a single conservation treatment with the maximum amounts
available per application being:
  • $1,000 for significant trees; and
  • $5,000 for local heritage buildings/contributory items.
Grants are not available for:
  • The removal of significant trees; or
  • Inappropriate lopping, pruning or other ‘tree-damaging’ activities as defined by the Development Act 1993.
Please note that the applications approved and the amount allocated per application are at the discretion of Council.
Application forms and Council’s Conservation Fund policy are available for download below or by phoning 8372 5111.
For further information phone 8372 5111. Applications close 21 September 2012.

All contributory properties in Millswood (west of Goodwod Rd) are eligible to apply.
Last year this was fully subscribed in the first round so if you are intending to apply do it this time.

28 August 2012

Full Council ; 27th August 2012

This month's Agenda was very full, debate was interesting although the removal of trees, the CEO's salary review and a request for relief from paying Council's costs in a legal battle was discussed under Confidentiality provisions. The total debating time was nearly 5 hours!
 Items included;
  • In the Company of Heroes; This report asked Council to consider supporting an exhibition on Victoria Cross Recipients including Goodwood's Phillip Davey. This was supported http://anzacsonline.net.au/2012/07/davey-phillip-vc-mm/   
  • Memorandum of Understanding; with St Spyridon's Greek Orthodox Community to continue to support the Unley Greek Festival to the tune of $5000 each year for the next 3 years.Supported
  • Greenways Project-Shared Path Use; these shared bike and walking paths  will be constructed next to the Noarlunga line while it is closed for the electrification of the line. This is a considerable project for Goodwood South, the only cost to Council will be the ongoing cost of maintaining the facility and landscaping. This will see the removal of the boardwalk in Canterbury Tce and  a path to  be carried through next to the railway between Victoria St and Chelmsford Ave. The full report and diagrams are worth reading at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Item%20505%20FCM%20August%202012.pdf and Supported
  • Nominations for various Boards including Natural Resources Management, Local Government Association, Local Government Finance Authority, LGA Worker's Comp Scheme, LGA Mutual Liability Scheme, Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee.  It's good the see  Councillors share these roles around so everyone has a turn and gains this type of experience. Generally, however, the incumbent gets re-elected/selected and it was all  a waste of time.
  • Development Act Delegation Review; this is a legislative requirement, changes to the delegations are in line with recent changes in law.This was deferred.
  • Unley Gourmet Gala 2013- Reference Group; the group to guide staff in the management of this event were selected. I will be doing this with Cr Lapidge.
  • Brownhill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project; This should be the final signing off on the most recent report so that the project can plan for and start the 80% of works that the 5 Councils can agree on. This would leave the other 20% to be finalised next year. After seeing the culvert intrusion that the final 20% would require in Goodwood South if a dam is not constructed I don't believe I am in  a position to support this motion. This was supported by a majority.        I had an interesting conversation with one person, a retired engineer, who has helped to offer some innovative potential changes to the design of the culverts. I have asked UCC to consider these ideas in their submission to DPTI.
  • Sturt Football Club; Both Cr Hudson and Cr Saies asked other Councillors  to support further investigation into the finances of the Sturt Football Club and their costs in relation to what other club's pay to use similar facilities.
  • Streets for People; I reserved this matter out for further debate from the Road Safety Committee as the streets to be treated were, in my opinion a poor choice. My motion was supported and staff will now use the recently published guidelines on the concept and bring a report to Council with a hierarchy of streets that will benefit the most from having traffic slowed.

26 August 2012

Grade Separation; walk with the experts

Friday, Don and I were walked through this project and given as much information about it as we had questions to ask. We started at Victoria St with an explanation of why this project will considerably reduce the waiting times at the level crossing; the freight train will not have to wait for the Noarlunga train and can, therefore, travel at 60kph instead of 25kph and the Noarlunga line will be under the road. What I didn't know was that the line will be lowered to as much as 6m under the ground level but will pass through a cutting rather than a tunnel. This raised the issue of access, safety and graffiti management (the safety audit is still to come). Because of this a bridge will be constructed at ground level on Victoria St. We then walked to Goodwood Station and shown where the descent will begin, the lane we walked along will be encompassed by the development with access to the train from east of the line being Devon St or along the new path to the west that will be built as part of the Greenways project.
We were shown the  significant trees that would also need to be removed in this area either because of the electrification or the culvert to carry the water from Brownhill Creek. As we walked back we were reassured that the lane that joins Cranbrook Ave to Victoria St will be upgraded and better lit (this would be a real bonus). There will also be a pedestrian  crossing marked at Victoria St. The walkway that crosses the line near SASMEE park will be upgraded but still at ground level, it is shortly before this where the ascent begins again.
 We also raised the issue of Brownhill Creek, the realignment into a culvert will begin near Cranbrook Ave and then under the lane, under Devon St, under the overpass and train line near Goodwood Station to join the natural creek line again at Forrestville Reserve. This was to be built to reduce the risk of flooding but is not dependent on building a dam. This section will be done during the rail project. However, the other place that Brownhill Creek will need to cross under the rail line is adjacent Arundel Ave and at Cromer Pde , this plan has not changed, only the culvert sleeves will be located under the line and the culverts not completed until and if they are needed.
The last concern was the piece of land identified in the reports as adjacent the Millswood Croquet, this should have read adjacent Millswood Lawns and is the vacant site  next to the bowling green (see attached picture). This is will be used as a operations centre rather than  a dumping area.
We did convince the Publicity Officer that holding some public forums sooner rather than later would be in every one's best interest. This is likely to be held at Clarence Park Community Centre at a date to be determined.
This plan is now in the Public Consultation phase, if you want to have your say then please read the full set of documents at;  http://www.dac.sa.gov.au/index.cfm?objectid=A3623820-B0B0-11DF-A917000F2030D46A   The consultation is open until 5th September.
I'm happy to do a similar walk with any individual or group of peoeple who want to make a time to do this.

23 August 2012

Planning Alerts Available

Please click on the above link to get the full story.
Unley is now covered by these alerts thanks to some great work by community volunteers.
If you like to know what is happening  near you then this is a good start. If you are interested you can then check the progress of the development application on the Council website. For details see; PlanningAlerts.org.au

21 August 2012

AGM: Clarence Park Community Centre

Please put this date in your diary, CPCC will hold the next AGM on Tuesday 25th September at 12:30pm. The meeting will be held in the Clarence Room.This is an opportunity to learn more about the centre, to nominate for a position on the Board and to network with interesting people. Hope to see you there. There will be a light lunch served after the meeting procedures.

Some other interesting activities at CPCC if you are interested include;
  • Fitness Over Fifty-Tuesdays at 8:30am,9:15am or 10:30am (  contact venton.cook@aapt.net.au)
  • Practical Sustainability in the Home-Wednesday October 10th at 7pm (no bookings)

60th Birthday Goodwood Scouts and Guides

Goodwood Scouts and guides last night celebrated their 6oth birthday at the site they own in Frederick St, Clarence Park. They marvelled at how a small group of committed parents had been able to achieve the building of their own club rooms in 1952 and pondered about how difficult this would be to achieve today. This organisation continues to enrich the lives of our children and has remained  as relevant to today's children as it did then. Each group gave it's own report as to what they had done this year including, attending the dawn Anzac Day service at Memorial Gardens, discovering and learning new things and camping. The leaders are some of the unsung heroes in our Community. Well Done!

19 August 2012

Hilll Ct; Can this tree be saved?

It was drawn to Council's attention recently that this significant tree was not well. Council staff have assessed the tree and spent some time trying to ensure it's survival by adding extra nutrient to the soil. While the tree now looks a little better we will have to wait to see if the remedial action has worked. Having been to Burnside Village recent I don't hold out the same hope for the tree that the Tree Mall was designed around -it now shows little sign of life.

17 August 2012

Newsletter this weekend

Don and I have produced a newsletter to be distributed this weekend-weather permitting. Those of you who read the blog regularly will find very little new information in it. However, this is your opportunity to discuss issues of concern with your friends and neighbours and to encourage them to log on to the blog and to email me to receive regular update reminders. My blog has more in depth information on the topics plus lots more of general interest.

Parking Inspectors; Show

Seems like the decision of Council to employ extra parking inspections during the show has lit up the radio and will no doubt be in next week's Eastern Courier. In fact Council is only doing what it has always done and that is to employ enough staff during the show to ensure that the rights of residents are not infringed by those attending the show. It also ensures a turnover of cars to allow those wanting to attend for a short time to have some chance of finding a park. The truth is that if you obey the signs and the parking rules you can't incur a fine!!

16 August 2012

Carramar; Saving history in Unley

CARRAMAR has been nominated by FOCUS (Friends Of the City of Unley Society) to be listed as heritage at risk by the National Trust. This lovely old building is one of a few remaining heritage buildings on Greenhill Rd. Unfortunately, even though it is on the State Heritage Register, it has been listed for sale as a development site. In theory any development should take into account the listing of the house and development should be sensitive to the preservation and restoration of the house. Currently it is at risk as the Land Management Corporation (now part of the Urban Renewal Authority) has advertised it for sale as a development site.
Carramar is historically important for several reasons.
The land was originally taken up by the South Australian Company. In 1886 a ten roomed house was built for Robert Gardiner. In 1909 James and Johanna Gosse (nee Barr Smith) were the owners, Gosse was a prominent solicitor and business man in Adelaide. Lady Downer is a daughter of James and Johanna and was born and grew up there.
The house was recognised as a fine example of uncommon Federation/Queen Anne domestic architecture style, use of materials and a high level of building craftsmanship.
As this area is set to be rezoned to allow for more intense development (7-10 levels), at state government insistence, the outcome may not be one that envisages the house as part of the development.
Thanks to Unley Museum and National Trust SA for information.

15 August 2012

Smoke Free Adelaide Show

Wayville Showgrounds have applied to Health SA for smoking to be banned at this event. There would still be limited areas where smoking was allowed but these would not include pavilions, grandstands, eating areas or any where that is not a designated zone.
This follows negative feedback from patrons and a change in legislation to allow this to happen.
No smoking zones would be clearly marked. Anyone caught smoking would be told to butt out, with education rather than penalties the focus.

14 August 2012

City Strategy Meeting; August 13th

The items discussed were;
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising event now held annually at the Unley pool. This event raises more money each year and has been very successful. It was supported.
  • The Pool's 50th birthday will be celebrated on Oct 13th with a fun filled day at the pool, entry will be free.This was supported.
  • Goodwood Community Services partnering agreement with Unley Council; the Board of Management of GCS and Council's agreement to provide services. this is quite different from the one for Clarence park. The Board at CPCC has more power to collect revenue and to provide services.This was supported
  • Right of Way Agreement with B&M Glass in Charles lane. this was to allow further use of there rear entrance for another 3 years.This was supported
  • SA Age Friendly Environments and Communities; This strategy fits well with our new Aging Strategy Policy.
  • Removal of street trees; this debate and decision remain confidential. However, the debate lasted over 11/2 hours and the decision has now been reserved for further debate.
All of these decisions are recommendations to the Full Council Meeting on the 27th Aug and some will be discussed again at that time.

13 August 2012

Project Update Grade Separation

The latest news from DPTI on the project.
Please note there is nothing in this this that talks of consultation and no mention of the Brownhill Creek culverts or their chosen locations.
"The City of Unley has been sent a copy of the Goodwood Junction Development Application from the Development Assessment Commission (DAC) asking for Council’s comments. As part of the DAC process a Public Notification period will be seeking public comments by Thursday 6 September 2012. The notification will appear in the Messenger on Wednesday 15 August.

Mr Rossi’s Community Engagement Team, on behalf of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) have already door knocked the residences on each side of the project’s rail corridor. Overall the project has been well received. The key issues that have been raised include:

·         vegetation and landscaping;
·         construction impacts (including local road access);
·         fencing; and
·         extension of the Marino Rocks Greenways shared use path.
DPTI is currently in the selection process to appoint a Design and Construct Contractor to carry out these works. Community Engagement activities will continue throughout the project including:

·         project brochures
·         information sessions
·         information displays at key locations
·         more extensive door knocking
·         website information; and
·         one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders (including Council).
For further information, interested people or groups can be directed to the Project Information Line, 1300 443 198 or the Project Email at dpti.rr@sa.gov.au"

08 August 2012

Goodwood Rd; 50kph

Media Release

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


New enhanced speed limit signs with flashing LED lights embedded in the red circle will be installed this Friday, 10 August in the shopping precinct section of Goodwood Road to improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians.

The speed on Goodwood Road will be lowered to 50 km/h between Leader Street and the Millswood rail underpass.

The area is a shopping precinct with high pedestrian activity and around 31,200 vehicles travelling past each day and by reducing the speed from 60 km/h to 50 km/h, it will improve safety for all road users especially pedestrians and cyclists.

The LED technology used in the new speed signs draws attention to the changed limit, with it then converting to a solid red after a period of time to ensure road users can clearly see speed limit has changed along this section of Goodwood Road.

Installation will take place in between peak times, with traffic reduced to a single lane in either direction while this is undertaken.

DPTI will monitor the effectiveness of the LED speed limit signs by measuring travel speeds in the area following their installation.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) thanks road users for their patience during the installation phase.

07 August 2012

SALA in Unley

The South Australian Living Artists festival is on again. Unley has embraced this once again. Dozens of businesses in the main streets are displaying art in their shops and shop windows. This ends with the final sale of selected unsold works in King William Rd on Sunday August 26th. KWR will be closed from Opey Ave to Park St for the event. There will be great art on sale, things for the kids to do and the coffee is always good. So take the time to enjoy what is, hopefully, a great sunny Sunday. www.kingwilliamroad.com.au/special.html

05 August 2012

Community Orchards

Council recently endorsed the concept of creating more opportunities to grow food within council property and to encourage the growing of food by others. This would include offering fruit or nut trees as a choice when replacing street trees, replacing trees that have reached the end of their life in parks and landscaped ares with fruit or nut trees in consultation with the community. Yesterday, Morrie Hurrel Reserve  in Ramage Street Unley was the first to get this treatment. Over 30 trees had reached the end of their useful life and they were replaced by 70+ fruit and nut trees. Open space for play has been  retained and there has been no changes to the play equipment. The local community have embraced this and turned up in numbers to help with the planting.
However, there are many questions that have yet to be answered in this concept. They are;
Who waters the trees?
Who prunes and does regular maintenance of the trees?
To whom does the fruit belong?
Who will clean up any mess that is left when fruit falls to the ground and is left to rot?
Will it attract rats?
If the answer to any of these is Council then how much extra money will it cost?
What is the cost/benefit  of this?
What do you think? Please share your thoughts as comments.

03 August 2012

Court Hearing delayed AGAIN

The anticipated Magistrates Court hearing that was to happen his afternoon in which our mayor was to have to plead was again delayed. This time for 7 weeks. Mayor Clyne's alleged offences stem back to the 2010 election campaign where he has been  accused of serious offences including identity theft. It is now almost 12 months to the day since he was arrested and charged. We are now 2 years into this term of office and before a trial date is set it could well be another year. In the meantime it remains the elephant in the room in everything that Unley Council says and does.

01 August 2012

Eastern Courier on Unley 1/8/2012

The Eastern Courier has this week outdone itself with many articles and letters about Unley. You can access the full stories by picking the paper up off your veranda or going to ;
Stories included;
  • FOCUS have asked for Carramar house on the corner of Greenhill Rd and George St to be recognised as being at risk of demolition. This property is on the market and heritage listed and yet still vulnerable.
  • UNLEY Mayor Lachlan Clyne returns to court to face charges of criminal defamation and identity theft this week. Mr Clyne's case will be heard in the Magistrates Court this Friday (August 3) after his lawyer requested it be adjourned so that information from a computer expert could be sought.
  • A PROPOSAL to trial fences around parts of Unley Oval has been resoundingly rejected by Unley Council.
  • WITH Unley Council having resoundingly voting against a trial fence at Unley Oval in favour of advancing a Master Plan for the area, I trust and hope that the real needs of Unley Oval will be allowed to come forward and be considered.
  • IN 1997, Michael Garland rang Unley Council to complain about the state of the footpath outside his Forestville home. Last month, a 57-signature petition, organised by Mr Garland, was presented to the council calling for an urgent upgrade to the same section of Third Ave footpath.
  • WHY do we have state and local government planning to rip up the streets of Millswood to insert massive fast flow by-pass culverts for flood protection when there is already a perfectly good existing stormwater drain in the form of Brown Hill Creek?

August Update

Overbury Drive, Clarence Park; a no stopping zone will be installed either side of the tree to facilitate safe vehicle movement. Hazard markers will also be installed on either side of the tree to aid visibility. This has happened because large vehicles have found access difficult to the western end of the street, especially the garbage truck.
Millswood Cres, Millswood; A survey has been distributed to residents near the western end to ascertain their support to install a pavement bar at the western corner. Residents have observed that many motorists cut this corner and by doing so place their vehicle in the path of oncoming traffic as the sight distance is not long enough to complete this maneuver safely. This will result in the loss of 4 car parks.  The results of the survey will go to the Road Safety Committee and then to Council.

Frederick St, Clarence Park; Speed data has again been collected in this street to ascertain the volume  and speed of traffic with particular regard to the safety of children accessing the Scouts and Guides building. As well as sign will be installed to indicate to motorists that children may be present in this location. As well staff are completing an audit of the footpath to assess if a sectional lift and relay can ameliorate some of the existing trip hazards.
Mills St, Millswood; Council staff and now prepared to consider an extension to he pavement bar that was recently installed. It is very obvious that the current treatment has not prevented illegal U-turns as was intended. This will mean rerouting the garbage truck.

Oakley Ave, Millswood; The consultation will commenced on July 23rd regarding he installation of a pavement bar at the corner with Victoria St, this should improve the safety of cyclists.
Aroha Tc/ East Ave, Milsswood; After close examination of the traffic flow on this intersection  a KEEP CLEAR sign cannot be installed as it does not fit the criteria set by the Road Traffic Act.
Graham Ave, Millswood; After the removal and replacement of a number of trees Council has now placed  sections of the kerb and water table on the maintenance schedule for August, they will do the area near 17 and 19 Fairfax Ave (the trees are in Graham Ave).
the arborist’s assessment of the trees has now been completed. Staff are yet to analyse these.
Dunrobin St, Black Forest;
Merlon Ave, Black Forest  has now been paved.
Extra yellow lines to increase areas of no parking have been requested by residents in Harland and Selkirk Aves. Staff are investigating these requests.