01 August 2012

August Update

Overbury Drive, Clarence Park; a no stopping zone will be installed either side of the tree to facilitate safe vehicle movement. Hazard markers will also be installed on either side of the tree to aid visibility. This has happened because large vehicles have found access difficult to the western end of the street, especially the garbage truck.
Millswood Cres, Millswood; A survey has been distributed to residents near the western end to ascertain their support to install a pavement bar at the western corner. Residents have observed that many motorists cut this corner and by doing so place their vehicle in the path of oncoming traffic as the sight distance is not long enough to complete this maneuver safely. This will result in the loss of 4 car parks.  The results of the survey will go to the Road Safety Committee and then to Council.

Frederick St, Clarence Park; Speed data has again been collected in this street to ascertain the volume  and speed of traffic with particular regard to the safety of children accessing the Scouts and Guides building. As well as sign will be installed to indicate to motorists that children may be present in this location. As well staff are completing an audit of the footpath to assess if a sectional lift and relay can ameliorate some of the existing trip hazards.
Mills St, Millswood; Council staff and now prepared to consider an extension to he pavement bar that was recently installed. It is very obvious that the current treatment has not prevented illegal U-turns as was intended. This will mean rerouting the garbage truck.

Oakley Ave, Millswood; The consultation will commenced on July 23rd regarding he installation of a pavement bar at the corner with Victoria St, this should improve the safety of cyclists.
Aroha Tc/ East Ave, Milsswood; After close examination of the traffic flow on this intersection  a KEEP CLEAR sign cannot be installed as it does not fit the criteria set by the Road Traffic Act.
Graham Ave, Millswood; After the removal and replacement of a number of trees Council has now placed  sections of the kerb and water table on the maintenance schedule for August, they will do the area near 17 and 19 Fairfax Ave (the trees are in Graham Ave).
the arborist’s assessment of the trees has now been completed. Staff are yet to analyse these.
Dunrobin St, Black Forest;
Merlon Ave, Black Forest  has now been paved.
Extra yellow lines to increase areas of no parking have been requested by residents in Harland and Selkirk Aves. Staff are investigating these requests.

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