14 August 2012

City Strategy Meeting; August 13th

The items discussed were;
  • The Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising event now held annually at the Unley pool. This event raises more money each year and has been very successful. It was supported.
  • The Pool's 50th birthday will be celebrated on Oct 13th with a fun filled day at the pool, entry will be free.This was supported.
  • Goodwood Community Services partnering agreement with Unley Council; the Board of Management of GCS and Council's agreement to provide services. this is quite different from the one for Clarence park. The Board at CPCC has more power to collect revenue and to provide services.This was supported
  • Right of Way Agreement with B&M Glass in Charles lane. this was to allow further use of there rear entrance for another 3 years.This was supported
  • SA Age Friendly Environments and Communities; This strategy fits well with our new Aging Strategy Policy.
  • Removal of street trees; this debate and decision remain confidential. However, the debate lasted over 11/2 hours and the decision has now been reserved for further debate.
All of these decisions are recommendations to the Full Council Meeting on the 27th Aug and some will be discussed again at that time.

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