26 August 2012

Grade Separation; walk with the experts

Friday, Don and I were walked through this project and given as much information about it as we had questions to ask. We started at Victoria St with an explanation of why this project will considerably reduce the waiting times at the level crossing; the freight train will not have to wait for the Noarlunga train and can, therefore, travel at 60kph instead of 25kph and the Noarlunga line will be under the road. What I didn't know was that the line will be lowered to as much as 6m under the ground level but will pass through a cutting rather than a tunnel. This raised the issue of access, safety and graffiti management (the safety audit is still to come). Because of this a bridge will be constructed at ground level on Victoria St. We then walked to Goodwood Station and shown where the descent will begin, the lane we walked along will be encompassed by the development with access to the train from east of the line being Devon St or along the new path to the west that will be built as part of the Greenways project.
We were shown the  significant trees that would also need to be removed in this area either because of the electrification or the culvert to carry the water from Brownhill Creek. As we walked back we were reassured that the lane that joins Cranbrook Ave to Victoria St will be upgraded and better lit (this would be a real bonus). There will also be a pedestrian  crossing marked at Victoria St. The walkway that crosses the line near SASMEE park will be upgraded but still at ground level, it is shortly before this where the ascent begins again.
 We also raised the issue of Brownhill Creek, the realignment into a culvert will begin near Cranbrook Ave and then under the lane, under Devon St, under the overpass and train line near Goodwood Station to join the natural creek line again at Forrestville Reserve. This was to be built to reduce the risk of flooding but is not dependent on building a dam. This section will be done during the rail project. However, the other place that Brownhill Creek will need to cross under the rail line is adjacent Arundel Ave and at Cromer Pde , this plan has not changed, only the culvert sleeves will be located under the line and the culverts not completed until and if they are needed.
The last concern was the piece of land identified in the reports as adjacent the Millswood Croquet, this should have read adjacent Millswood Lawns and is the vacant site  next to the bowling green (see attached picture). This is will be used as a operations centre rather than  a dumping area.
We did convince the Publicity Officer that holding some public forums sooner rather than later would be in every one's best interest. This is likely to be held at Clarence Park Community Centre at a date to be determined.
This plan is now in the Public Consultation phase, if you want to have your say then please read the full set of documents at;  http://www.dac.sa.gov.au/index.cfm?objectid=A3623820-B0B0-11DF-A917000F2030D46A   The consultation is open until 5th September.
I'm happy to do a similar walk with any individual or group of peoeple who want to make a time to do this.

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