21 August 2012

AGM: Clarence Park Community Centre

Please put this date in your diary, CPCC will hold the next AGM on Tuesday 25th September at 12:30pm. The meeting will be held in the Clarence Room.This is an opportunity to learn more about the centre, to nominate for a position on the Board and to network with interesting people. Hope to see you there. There will be a light lunch served after the meeting procedures.

Some other interesting activities at CPCC if you are interested include;
  • Fitness Over Fifty-Tuesdays at 8:30am,9:15am or 10:30am (  contact venton.cook@aapt.net.au)
  • Practical Sustainability in the Home-Wednesday October 10th at 7pm (no bookings)


  1. I am disappointed that the agm is held during business hours. This excludes a lot of people from attending. Please ensure that next year a more appropriate time is set. Do you take take time off from work to attend? I am nable to do that.

  2. I too am disappointed that the Board, of which I am a member, chooses a daytime slot for their AGM. However, the majority of members believe that this has increased attendance. As a concession to me the AGM is held during school holidays; while this allows me to attend it is possible that it also makes attendance more difficult for others. I will, once again, raise your concern and that of others with the Board.