08 August 2012

Goodwood Rd; 50kph

Media Release

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


New enhanced speed limit signs with flashing LED lights embedded in the red circle will be installed this Friday, 10 August in the shopping precinct section of Goodwood Road to improve safety for all road users, particularly pedestrians.

The speed on Goodwood Road will be lowered to 50 km/h between Leader Street and the Millswood rail underpass.

The area is a shopping precinct with high pedestrian activity and around 31,200 vehicles travelling past each day and by reducing the speed from 60 km/h to 50 km/h, it will improve safety for all road users especially pedestrians and cyclists.

The LED technology used in the new speed signs draws attention to the changed limit, with it then converting to a solid red after a period of time to ensure road users can clearly see speed limit has changed along this section of Goodwood Road.

Installation will take place in between peak times, with traffic reduced to a single lane in either direction while this is undertaken.

DPTI will monitor the effectiveness of the LED speed limit signs by measuring travel speeds in the area following their installation.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) thanks road users for their patience during the installation phase.


  1. I was shocked by David Pisoni's inappropriate comments.
    His resignation should have been accepted.
    Jennie I would love to see you run for the seat of Unley.

  2. I don't think I'd be able to provide the generational change they would be looking for!

  3. Not everyone is happy about this initiative!!

    Channel 10, Adelaide hosted by Rebecca Morse 10 Aug 2012 5:00 PM
    TEN News at 5pm - 2 mins 10 secs - ID: S00049851112

    A speed limit cut on Goodwood Road, one of Adelaide's busiest arterial roads, has restricted travel to 50km/h, adding to the peak hour pain of motorists. Live cross to Gia Loukes Reporter, speaking from the road. Loukes says signs with flashing lights have been put up with the new speed limit. The move has frustrated some drivers, but the transport department claims cutting the speed is a good idea, making roads safer for everyone. Over 31000 motorists travel on the road each day, with the new speed limit putting the brakes on their already difficult commute. The new limit applies to a 1km stretch of the road from Leader St to the Millswood Rail Underpass. 11 signs are on display to inform drivers of the changes. It comes after a push by Unley Council, who are worried about pedestrian safety and that of shoppers along the increasingly-popular strip. Paul Gelston, Transport Department claims the initiative is all about making a safer environment for those on foot and cyclists through the Goodwood Rd shopping precinct. With Goodwill Rd Primary School also lining the road, parents have approved the changes. Local retailers also approve of the move. Drivers will have a three-month grace period to adjust, and speeding fines will apply after this has lapsed.