28 August 2012

Full Council ; 27th August 2012

This month's Agenda was very full, debate was interesting although the removal of trees, the CEO's salary review and a request for relief from paying Council's costs in a legal battle was discussed under Confidentiality provisions. The total debating time was nearly 5 hours!
 Items included;
  • In the Company of Heroes; This report asked Council to consider supporting an exhibition on Victoria Cross Recipients including Goodwood's Phillip Davey. This was supported http://anzacsonline.net.au/2012/07/davey-phillip-vc-mm/   
  • Memorandum of Understanding; with St Spyridon's Greek Orthodox Community to continue to support the Unley Greek Festival to the tune of $5000 each year for the next 3 years.Supported
  • Greenways Project-Shared Path Use; these shared bike and walking paths  will be constructed next to the Noarlunga line while it is closed for the electrification of the line. This is a considerable project for Goodwood South, the only cost to Council will be the ongoing cost of maintaining the facility and landscaping. This will see the removal of the boardwalk in Canterbury Tce and  a path to  be carried through next to the railway between Victoria St and Chelmsford Ave. The full report and diagrams are worth reading at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Item%20505%20FCM%20August%202012.pdf and Supported
  • Nominations for various Boards including Natural Resources Management, Local Government Association, Local Government Finance Authority, LGA Worker's Comp Scheme, LGA Mutual Liability Scheme, Supported Residential Facilities Advisory Committee.  It's good the see  Councillors share these roles around so everyone has a turn and gains this type of experience. Generally, however, the incumbent gets re-elected/selected and it was all  a waste of time.
  • Development Act Delegation Review; this is a legislative requirement, changes to the delegations are in line with recent changes in law.This was deferred.
  • Unley Gourmet Gala 2013- Reference Group; the group to guide staff in the management of this event were selected. I will be doing this with Cr Lapidge.
  • Brownhill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project; This should be the final signing off on the most recent report so that the project can plan for and start the 80% of works that the 5 Councils can agree on. This would leave the other 20% to be finalised next year. After seeing the culvert intrusion that the final 20% would require in Goodwood South if a dam is not constructed I don't believe I am in  a position to support this motion. This was supported by a majority.        I had an interesting conversation with one person, a retired engineer, who has helped to offer some innovative potential changes to the design of the culverts. I have asked UCC to consider these ideas in their submission to DPTI.
  • Sturt Football Club; Both Cr Hudson and Cr Saies asked other Councillors  to support further investigation into the finances of the Sturt Football Club and their costs in relation to what other club's pay to use similar facilities.
  • Streets for People; I reserved this matter out for further debate from the Road Safety Committee as the streets to be treated were, in my opinion a poor choice. My motion was supported and staff will now use the recently published guidelines on the concept and bring a report to Council with a hierarchy of streets that will benefit the most from having traffic slowed.

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