18 February 2018

Gender balance on the Agenda

After reading Bob's blog  yesterday I realise even more that now is the time for fresh faces with new ideas to have a go at getting themselves elected to Council in Novemeber. There will be at leaset one vacancy in Unley and Goodwood Wards, two  in Unley Park and Parkside Wards plus a new mayor. This means a minimum of six new faces assuming the one of Schnell, Rabbitt and Hewitson win the mayoral position. So if you are thinking of runing now might be the time. As far as I am aware both Don and I will be renominating in Clarence Park.

15 February 2018

Community grant funding: is it your turn?

The March 2018 Community Grant Program funding round is now open for applications.  Grant funding of up to $4,000 is available for innovative and diverse community projects and/or programs. Guidelines and application forms are available from the Civic Centre or at Council’s website http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/community-culture/grants-sponsorships#hash-slide-community-grants-program-89.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Council to discuss their application and eligibility.  Afternoon or evening workshops will be held for those groups and individuals who would like assistance with the “nuts and bolts” aspects of their applications.  Let us know if you would like to attend a workshop or would like me to mail you a copy of the application form

Applications close on Friday 30 March 2018

Funding will be available to successful applicants in early June 2018.  Please be aware that projects and/or programs that commence prior to 1 June 2018 are not eligible and will not be funded.

Don’t hesitate to contact Pam Hocking on email phocking@unley.sa.gov.au, phone 8372 5108 or Matthew Ives email mives@unley.sa.gov.au, phone 8372 5134 if you require further information. 

14 February 2018

Good development news

Roslyn Crt on a bad day
During the last week there has been some good news for residents regarding this  development.

  • The Cremorne Plaza development has been deferred by the Delopment Assessment Comission while the developer reviews overlooking, amenity of the south facing apartments, visual bulk, finishes and materials, parking provisions, activation at the ground floor level, waste  management and inclusion of areas for deep rooted planting  (can grow a tree).
  • The state government announced this morning that it would upgrade the Roslyn Crt apartments rather than bulldozing and rebuilding with  a much higher agenda.


13 February 2018

Goodwood Oval grandstand upgrades

Community consultation on the grandstand upgrade at Goodwood Oval has commenced.

Letters have been sent to local residents and information has been placed on Council’s website and at council facilities.  Notices will also be placed in the Eastern Courier and at the oval soon.

This consultation is open to all residents not just those letterboxed.

The consultation will close on Fri 16 March and a report will be presented to Council in April.

11 February 2018

Unley Road traders host a great event

I spent some time last night enjoying the music and evening at the Memorial Gardens in Unley. There were quite a few  people there and all seemed to be enjoying the music. The star of the night were the flying foxes that flew over between 8:45pm  and 9:00pm in an almost constant stream. The colony in the parklands must now number well into the thousands. My reseach says up to 10,000.

07 February 2018

Clarence Park CC to go solar

At the last Council meeting Council agreed to fund a solar array on the roof at CPCC. Calculations show that it will pay for itself in 3 years. This will be a great saving for Council and reduce pressure on rate increases (even if just a little bit). This is pending a final funding review at the end of the next quarter.


The Unley Museum will become a one-stop-shop for rare movies and early TV memorabilia in February and March as part of the Adelaide Fringe.

The Lexicon exhibition will take audiences on a trip down memory lane to experience and learn about movie and television characters that fascinated people all over the world in the early days of the big and small screen.

Unley Museum Curator Karen Paris said the Museum was thrilled to be exhibiting such a wonderful collection of fascinating and fun objects.

“The collection includes a Gilligan’s Island Cookbook, selected pieces of Franco-Belgian comic book literature, Tintin figurines, a Howdy Doody doll, autographed comics and much more!” Miss Paris said.

Private collector Stuart Blair (BLang BA Hons Flin), who has amassed this collection over many years said “the exhibition represents a celebration of one's interest in the phenomena that is popular culture”.

“What makes this visual representation unique is the joy that each piece brings by stirring memories that span from childhood to present day,” Mr Blair said.

06 February 2018

Grants not promises

An election year has many rewards just there for
the picking.
Following the recent grant from the state govenment for a new Goodwood Oval facility of $2.8million more money has been given this week. Unley Oval grandstand refurbishment has been given $500,000 for women's changerooms  and $9mill has been given to redevelop the Women's Memorial playing fields for providing a synthetic pitch for hockey. While Goodwood and Unley will be sad to see Forestville Hockey move to a new home we will be very happy for them to have a new facility in which to grow and flourish. This was on top over over $500,000 awarded through Fund My Neighbourhood in Unley.
All we need now is new clubrooms for Millswwod Croquet. Maybe the Liberals could at least put this in as a promise.

03 February 2018

What will the next Council look like

I have just reached Cr. Michael Hudson's blog and his views on what the composition of the Council to be elected later this year will look like.
These are my own views but I see it this way following conversations with each of the current members

Goodwood: Bob Schnell  (running for Mayor) and Luke Smolucha
Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer
Unley Park: Michael Rabbitt (running for Mayor) and Rob Sangster (retiring)
Unley: Michael Hewitson (running for mayor) and Rufus Salaman
Parkside: Michael Hudson (retiring) and John Koumi (already retired)
Fullarton: Peter Hughes and Anthony Lapidge (considering his options)

By my calculations this means there will be no more than half  of the current council in the line-up and some of those may not win their seats back. Cr Schnell believes there may be as few as 2 and Cr Hudson as few as 5. Fresh faces always bring new ideas and new ways of working which, if I am re-elected, will be refreshing. Council needs diversity and, hopefully, this shake up will give a greater opportunity for more women to be elected. It would also be good to have a council that reflected the demographic with some younger people and some that add cultural diversity.

Whose (sic) the mayor?

Hughes is the Mayor.
As many of you are aware Lachlan Clyne resigned as of last Wednesday and Council had an oppotunity to elect among themselves an acting mayor who will hold the position until the new council is swarn in.
Peter Hughes was elected on the night with Michael Hewitson as Deputy. Even though I put up my hand for the acting mayor position I was unsuccessful.