25 February 2018

ICAC rules get even tighter

Once again the state government has moved to tighten what Councillors can and cannot do. This time we must include more things on our gifts register. Its like someone thinks we all have golfing memberships, get taken out to lavish dinners once a week and are taking freebies all over the place. When I ran for Mayor on 1997 I received one cash donation and one, in kind donation; neither of which had to be declared. Now if I so much as accept a $50 meal, and we're not clear about if this is individual meals or total meals from one source then it must be declared. while I often get my cup of tea paid for by the ratepayer I'm discussing a matter with the only  contribution I currently declare is a double pass to the Adelaide Show (value $170).
Why do I keep on thinking that the local government sector is not trusted by other levels of government and that they continue to have a go at us to divert attention from themselves and the way they many of them behave?


  1. Jennie, you can get a good meal at the Goody Hotel for ~ $20.
    I will take you one day ��
    No need to declare it.

  2. due to individuals and what the state government probably sees themselves in their own departments.

    though clyne is questionable as a mayor and i imagine if he wins the state seat... even worse!