03 February 2018

What will the next Council look like

I have just reached Cr. Michael Hudson's blog and his views on what the composition of the Council to be elected later this year will look like.
These are my own views but I see it this way following conversations with each of the current members

Goodwood: Bob Schnell  (running for Mayor) and Luke Smolucha
Clarence Park: Jennie Boisvert and Don Palmer
Unley Park: Michael Rabbitt (running for Mayor) and Rob Sangster (retiring)
Unley: Michael Hewitson (running for mayor) and Rufus Salaman
Parkside: Michael Hudson (retiring) and John Koumi (already retired)
Fullarton: Peter Hughes and Anthony Lapidge (considering his options)

By my calculations this means there will be no more than half  of the current council in the line-up and some of those may not win their seats back. Cr Schnell believes there may be as few as 2 and Cr Hudson as few as 5. Fresh faces always bring new ideas and new ways of working which, if I am re-elected, will be refreshing. Council needs diversity and, hopefully, this shake up will give a greater opportunity for more women to be elected. It would also be good to have a council that reflected the demographic with some younger people and some that add cultural diversity.


  1. Will lose some good people if so many run for mayor

    1. Yes, that is often the case. Sometimes as the election gets closer the fear of not being on Council outweighs someone's desire to have a go at being Mayor and risk losing and not being on Council. There may also be people who are well qualified that could run that are not currently on Council. Of the 3, l am only sure of who l won't vote for!

    2. Why don't you say who you won't vote for.
      I would be interested to know and why.

    3. I'd be happy to discuss if you give me a call. However, the most important thing that a Mayor must be able to do is to chair a meeting well. The next most important is to be able to make other people's ideas and their own a reality. Some people have shown little interest in projects accross the city and bang on about thier own pet projects ad nauseum.

  2. I thought that Don Palmer was to continue as acting mayor. I read it somewhere. Is Don still the deputy?

    1. Michael Hewitson is now the Dept Mayor. Don put up his hand but Michael had the numbers on the night.