25 February 2018

Full Council meeting 26th Feb, 2018

You might the following items of interest:

  • Strategic Property Committee Membership: this is to fill the vacancy left when Peter Hughes became Acting Mayor and John Koumi resigned
  • UBED Membership: this vacancy has been caused by the resignation of John Koumi
  • CEO Performance Review Panel; This committee has run its course with the current membership and needs to be refilled
  • Eastern Regional Alliance Biannual Report: This alliance works together to create, where identified and possible opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs. 
  • Mobile Food Vendors Location Rules; these include not being able to set up within 200m of an existing business that sells the same product, within 200m of a school while it is operating, while an organised event is taking place, or in front of a house. most of the other rules are logical and straight forward
  • Resilient East Climate Change Adaptation Plan: Proposed priorities include development of a shared street tree species list that will tolerate climate change, aerial heat mapping, community engagement and awareness and emergency management plans
  • Greening Unley Rd; The report suggests that there are only 10 places on the entire length on Unley Rd west where new trees could be planted (this can be completed this year) and 35 on the eastern side (subject to budget funding). Council will still need to discuss appropriate species.
  • Rugby St and Oxford Tc Intersection: The planned bikeway showed a reversal of the right of way on this intersection. Cr Salaman is asking council to reduce risk by allowing the right of way to continue on Oxford Tce.
  • Future Uses of the Hockey Playing Field at Goodwood Oval: This has been put in my me. Now that Hockey will definitely be moving, although it may take a year or two, it is time to look at the space and building they use and work towards, with the community, an innovative us of the area. There is already discussion about the use and currently Council has no way forward to work out the best use in the future. It would be good to have something ready to go when the area is vacated.

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