01 March 2018

Over passes and underpasses

A few promises this week (Labor) have seen the potential to remove several level crossings in Unley. These include the tram and Goodwood Rd, the train and Cross Rd and the train and Leader St. Given that the Leader St underpass was promised during the Goodwood Junction works and seems to have been shelved maybe this one could go first?  The tram line at Goodwood Rd seems to be a nice idea but I have rarely waited long for the tram to pass in that location. However, the underpass/overpass on Cross Rd at the train line would be a welcome sight. This, of course, would be less beneficial if the freight trains were rerouted to go around rather than through Adelaide. This has been promised by a would be Liberal government. This option would allow a two way commuter  train service to Mt Barker!
And to top all of this the funded cycle overpass that would sit alongside the existing overpass at Goodwood would allow a safe passage for bicycles and eliminate the dreadful underpass at Goodwood Station. This is now stuck in the planning process.
What we will have in 4 years time when we are back in election mode is in the relm of the great unknown.


  1. Cr Bob Schnell02 March, 2018 08:26

    Jennie, I agree about the tram crossing on GWRoad. The ding dongs don’t really hold up the traffic that much. Besides, an under/over pass would be a huge impact on the local aesthetics.
    Leader Street will never be done.
    Yes, the rail crossing on Cross Road is the highest priority. I hope they don’t forget to add extra width for the extra rail line to Mount Barker.
    For more on this matter, visit Bob's Blog

  2. Doesn't need to be wider if the freight train is diverted. Wouldn't that be nice?

    1. Yes.
      The trouble is that the freight rail diversion will take 5-10 years and the passenger service to Mount Barker is needed now.

  3. We need an over/underpass in any case. Given the Liberals support diversion and Labor don't and Labor have promised an over/underpass and Liberal haven't what the future holds really is in the hands of the elected government.