11 March 2018

Trees: serious business

This is not the tree concerned just an exemplar.

You might have read the story about the regulated trees in this week's paper. According to the story the neighbours pruned two regulated trees while to owner was away on holidays. Imagine her surprise when she got home. This pruning was estimated to be 90% foe one tree and 50% for the other. By law up to 30% of the canopy of a regulated tree can be pruned without development approval. A similar, but different case is brewing in Unley at another location. As Councillors we are continually told that we are not working hard enough to protect the tree canopy on both public and private property and yet I have not heard one election promise over the last few weeks that would have the potential to alter the seemingly downward trend. However, when Council takes court action the cost to rate payers has the potential to be eye watering.

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