13 March 2018

Amalgamations again.

We must be getting closer to the actual state election day. Seems like the theory is that Councils are causing all the problems, can't be trusted with your money and generally poorly educated and not whatever the current government has been up to. I could list at least a dozen disasters on behalf of Labor and yet when the Liberals have had a chance to shine they continue to pick fault as well (rate capping). How is it possible for a reporter in the Advertiser to propose amalgamations and the use as an example Onkaparinga Council. Yes, it is the biggest but it doesn't seem to be an example of best practice on a number of fronts. This week its auditing and credit card use. I guess it’s possible that we (as Councillors) are having the wool pulled over our eyes by administration staff. However, it would also be highly unlikely. 

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